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 Rez Heart.

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PostSubject: Rez Heart.   Rez Heart. EmptyWed Jul 24, 2013 2:36 am

Name: Rez
Rez Heart. <a href=Rez Heart. Pony_810" />
Size:Normal height. 3-4 feet tall. 4-5 feet long. Medium build.
Coat:Coat is black. Has a red swirled line design on his hind legs, front legs, body.
Clothes:Has a necklace with a red orb and black strap to hold it together and to him.
Tail:Tail is black with red highlites and is long. Has some hairs sticking out.
Mane:Mane is black with red highlites and is long in the back. Has some hairs sticking out. Goes over his eyes a bit.
Cutie Mark:Cutie mark is three tears. Two are small on is large and just a bit further down then the other two.
Eyes:He has big gray round eyes.
Wings:Wings are large and black with a dark red metal cover that he made to protect his wings from the weather. They stick out.
Head:His head is black with red swirled line design. Has a flat nose. Ears stick out of mane.
Personality:Maturity wise he is 21 years old. Acts well around others. Try’s new things. Is active in work. He tends not ot slack off and always makes it on time if nothing happens.  Likes to explore. he would prefure to fly around then sit there and do nothing. He dislikes it when others put people down. Bullying is the most hated thing. He dislikes Tea and Coffee. Tea to him has this startchy taste. Coffee has a blan flavoure to it and feels like mud to him. Does not drink but doesnt care if the others do. Like's to build anything on his own time. He does take protection as his top priority and will not risk anyones life when he is building things. Right now he is a Map Maker.

History:As a child he had a great imagination when it came construction and planning and he would try to not disturb his older sister (Lovely Heart). He would never give up on anything he started untill he was done. He was born in Canterlot. He is an orphane and the last of his family. His parents died by timber wolves in the Everfree forest while they were traveling through back to Canterlot. He was only 10 when this happened. That’s how he got his cutie mark of three Tears. Moved to Ponyville at the age of 19. Been there for 2 years. He loves living in Ponyville Because of all the things he can do and has only gone back to Canterlot to visit friends.

[RP] Rez was walking down the street when he found a a filly srying at the side of the road. "Hey whats wrong?" He asked her. "I'm lost" She said wiping her cheek. "Well we cant have that. here let me help you find your house. oh and my name is Rez." He said smiling. "Thank you Mr. Rez" She said smiling back. He puts her on his back and starts walking again. "So what does your house look like?" He asked her looking around. "Its red witha a brownish roof" She said looking around as well. "Is that it?" He asked pointing at a house down the street. "Yes thank you." She said jumping off his back excitedly and running to her house. He continues walking to his own house before flying up to it.
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PostSubject: Re: Rez Heart.   Rez Heart. EmptyWed Jul 24, 2013 3:01 am


Welcome to the forum. =D
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Rez Heart.
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