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 Crow (Care Heart)

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Sweet Dreams

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PostSubject: Crow (Care Heart)   Sun Sep 15, 2013 6:59 am

Name:Crow (formally #317)
Species: Unicorn (science experiment)
" />
Age: 22

Charisma:1(shes cra cra remember?~)


Wild Wasteland: Benefit:Adds additional 'wacky' content and modifies existing content and special encounters.
Penalty: Removes access to some 'sane' content.

Skilled: Gain +5 points to every skill.
You suffer -10% from experience gained.

Inventory: Red Scythe 5 apple Grenades 9 mm Pistol ,50 rounds 9mm ammo, A pony skull named "Mr Skully" (who else is she gonna talk to when in her crazy mode??)
Weapons: Red Scythe, a few apple grenades, 9mm pistol

AU Backstory: Crow grew up in Equestria before the war before their were Rad roaches and Ghoul ponies…She had joined the Ministry of Peace to help ponies, she had hated the war, she saw many a stallion and mare no older then her die at the hand of their “Enemy” She did not hate the Zebras they were only trying to do what was best for their home.

It was them, the ponies and their foolish pride that had started this war. Crow had worked in the Ministry of Piece for years, becoming a veteran healers “I’ve seen it all “until one day she hears of a Project…one that they were sure would end the war if successful.

Crow having seen enough on the battlefield by then signed up for what they called “Project Shadows” She became a test subject being poked and prodded injected with strange liquids that even she didn’t know what they were. And while there met a stallion who was simply called “Doctor”(Not Doctor Hooves you silly ponies)
A handsome but brilliant and kind doctor in charge of the project. He cared for all the ponies, wanting only to end the war same as Crow…

Maybe if things had be different if there had be no war they would have been married had kids and died at an old age warm in their beds. But this was not the case, one day they started to place the subjects into these pod like machines. They were to place the subjects in coma like states as the final steps to the project were to take place, to spare them of the pain.

Maybe if they had more time, a few more days the war would have ended differently maybe the ponies would have won. Maybe life could return to normal, not that life was normal back then anyways. But as we know the ponies did not end the war.

The Balefire bombs did. Crow had been lucky, she had always been lucky ever since she was a filly. She was the last pony to be placed in the pod that day. As she started to close her eyes she reached out and touched the glass window of her pod staring at the stallion she loved not knowing that the next time she would wake up her life would change forever.

The world was consumed by fire that day, a sickly green fire with rainbow sheen to it. The Balefire bombs had fallen, and all the while Crow slept in her little pod, the only thing that protected her from the burning flames and the deadly radiation on the other side.
200 hundred years later Crow woke up feeling like she had only been asleep for a day or two.

But after exiting her pod she soon learned that this was not the case. She soon found that her pod was the only that had continued to work over all the years. All the others had lost power been crushed by falling debris or in some cases opened by Doctors who selfishly had thrown the ponies inside out to save themselves only to die from the radiation that got to them first.

The Project had only been a half success…Crow found that she was much faster and more light on her hooves then before. She felt as strong as an earth pony and as fast as a pegasi pony. But this did not come without problems. The sudden changes she was forced to take in, Roaches the size of cats, Crazed ponies who raped tortured and ate the flesh of other, and of course the barren wasteland that went on for who knows how long drove her into madness.

The Project Didn’t help much either. She soon found that almost all of the ponies in the facility that day had died, their skeletons littering the ground, some blacken from fires. They were all there…all but one…

So now she wonders the wasteland looking for some sign of the one she loves, hoping to attest find his body, planning to end her own life when she does. But until then the crazy mare that would be offering you a snack cake at one moment and trying to kill you the next wondered the wasteland trying to keep it all together and “Do Better”. (sorry so long..)
___Skill points_________________________________________________________________

Energy Weapons:20+5
Small Guns:20+5
Big Guns:20+5
Melee Weapons:40-tag+5
Magic: 20+5
"War never changes"

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Princess Sarah

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PostSubject: Re: Crow (Care Heart)   Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:13 am


An excellent app!. I'm actually somewhat surprised to see such a good one so early in development. I will work on her companion soon enough, but as of now, I just wanted to say that I am pleasantly surprised ^w^

d~Princess Freya Glittery Fasionista Baticorn Sarah~b

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=Sugar Rush=
=Cherry Sunshine=
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Crow (Care Heart)
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