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 Silent Song

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Silent Song

Silent Song Silent13

Gender: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Short pink with black streaks

Tail:  same as mane

Eyes: pink and sparkly

Body: white

Cutie Mark: A pink music note.

Age (Baby,adult): About 19

Personality: Song may seem shy, but she's not. She's just quiet. She is very kind and loves to make friends even if she only talks to them a little bit. If a foal is sad or hurt and there's nopony else around she may sing them a song to make them stop crying. While she's not shy she does have a bit of stage fright. She doesn't like to preform in front of crowds of ponies. She also won't ever turn down a friend in need of assistance.

Likes: Cupcakes, Baking, Meeting new ponies, Singing(in private), Birds, and Whitetail Woods.

Dislikes:  Singing(in public), The Everfree, When ponies sneak up on her, Lemons, Loud Noises, and Bullies.

History:  Song has always loved to sing since she was a filly. She always got quiet when ever she knew somepony was listening. She doesn't like to show off her talent. Though you may find her humming a tune as she walks. She was born in Canterlot but it was too noisy and big for her taste so she moved to Ponyville recently. She enjoys the quiet there as well as visiting Whitetail Woods. She goes there often because it's quiet and she can sing with nopony else around her.

Example RP segment: A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Song was walking down the street humming to herself when a foal cought her eye. The young filly was sobbing tears of sadness. She slowly approached the little one. "Are you ok?" She asked in a warm quiet tone.

The filly looked up. "I-I can't find my mommy..." She sniffled.

Song smiled "Cheer up. I'll help find her."

"But we won't find her..." The filly went back to crying.

Song sighed. This wasn't going well. She looked around to see the empty street. She bit her lip and closed her eyes hoping nopony was around but the filly. Then she began to sing the filly a song:

"Hush child please don't cry,
I'll sing you a lullaby,
Stop the tears and rest your head,
Quietly we go to bed,
You won't be asleep for long,
But I'll have fixed all that is wrong,
So don't you worry close your eyes,
And you'll wake to a special surprise."

The filly had fallen asleep as Song had planned. She lifted the filly onto her back and went off  to find it's mother.

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Silent Song
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