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 Silent Star (working on making this filly fit this forum)

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Princess Sarah

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PostSubject: Silent Star (working on making this filly fit this forum)   Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:25 am

Silent Star

Name suggested by Apple Ocherd

Mane:Long and dark
Tail:same as mane
Body:Dark grey, fairly tall for her age.
Cutie Mark: She is a blank flank
Age (Baby,adult): Child (about the age of the CMC)
Personality: A horribly shy pony, and is afraid of pretty much anything even remotely intimidating (Though she is especially scared of dragons). She has a secret dream of being a pretty princess, and despite being so unsocial she always wanted a friend. She looks up to her sister thinking everything she does is cool. She tends to sing when she thinks she is alone (and is rather good at it). She doesn't talk much when around strangers usually responding with nodding or shaking her head.

Likes: Her sister, night, dark, princesses, flowers, dresses, pancakes, singing, pianos, bats, rock and roll, making costumes.

Dislikes: Strangers, being stared at, daylight, mean ponies, dragons, being alone.

Special Talent: (not discovered yet)

History: Silent grew up in the slums of Manehatten both her parents, and her older sister Shadowfax, comes from a long family tree of bat ponies, that sadly have been dropping in numbers lately. Because of her unusual appearance she was frequently either bullied or feared by most of the ponies in the place. She got a great fear of dragons when her father told her stories about how they kidnapped princesses, and burned down villages.  Her parents later died, and it was unknown if it was an accident or something else entirely. Her sister Shadowfax was her only relative, and she moved in with her in Canterlot. This was a unusual but at the same time a amazing place for Silent, she had never seen such a clean place in her life, and ponies around here seemed a bit more familiar with batponies than the ponies in Manehatten. But all of course her school was not as kind, she still got bullied by the other kids in class, and she became even more isolated, but she used her time alone to practice playing piano while singing.

Example RP segment: Silent walked down the streets of Manehatten, and spotted a colt bullying a filly, Silent tried not to get involved, and sneak past this entire scene, but unfortunately the colt sensed her presents and turned to face Sonar, and snapped "What are you looking at?" Silent backed away slowly, and responded in a voice that was barely audible "I'm not looking at anything, I will just be going on my way..." "Eew what the hay are you?; some kind of freak?" the colt said as he pointed and laughed at Silent. She got tears in her eyes, and said "No I'm not!, leave me alone!" Silent ran away from the colt, and went home to her parents for comfort. (this is pre Canterlot)


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Calla Lily

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PostSubject: Re: Silent Star (working on making this filly fit this forum)   Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:08 pm


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Silent Star (working on making this filly fit this forum)
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