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 Rain Song~

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Princess Luna

Princess Luna

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PostSubject: Rain Song~   Rain Song~ EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 4:33 am


Name: Rain Song
Gender: Mare
Species: Unicorn (sorry theres no horn in the pic XD )
Mane: Pastel blue
Tail: Pastel blue
Eyes: Green
Body: light pink
Cutie Mark: https://i.servimg.com/u/f36/18/41/06/05/singin10.jpg

but white instead of black

Age (Baby,adult): 17
Personality: Shy,quiet, she gets very uncomfortable around other ponies. She always gets super shy around stallions she likes. Rain Song hates bullies, but will rarely stand up to them. She has a long history of abuse, so she is used to being hurt by other ponies (especially stallions) Rain Song has a slight stutter when she's nervous. All she really wants is a friend. Rain Song loves to dance and if she had a friend, might open up to them a lot.  Rain Song is very alert and can tell if somepony is lying, sad, nervous, or in love. She is not always 100% sure though. She is very attentive even though she might not seem like she's listening. She is very bright. Rain Song has had a mental break down once and who's to say it won't happen again...

Likes: being alone, music, singing, rain, water, nice ponies, and reading Rain Song also loves to write and dance.

Dislikes: bullies, her parents, bad music, nightmares, and fake ponies

Special Ability: Rain Song can tell emotions pretty well, even if the pony is hiding them. For example, if a pony is acting happy, she can tell he really isn't.

History: Rain Song was born into a couple who did not want a foal. They hated her for "ruining their lives" and being so "annoying". Rain Song's mom would slap her and make her cry when she did even the smallest thing when she was younger. Her dad was an alcoholic and beat her often. They abused her for a long time until she learned to just stay quiet and only speak when spoken to. Rain Song's only upside was music. She loved to sing and listen to music. This love of music that kept her going was what gave her her cutie mark. Rain Song still gets beaten often, but she never tells anypony and hides her bruises. Nopony notices her so her secret is somewhat safe. Rain Song dreams of the day she can move out and go far away from her abusive parents. She currently goes to high school and gets bullied a lot, and it sometimes hurts her more than her parents abuse. Even though Rain Song's life is sad, she has upsides. She is often called pretty and graceful by many, but Rain Song just wants to be a singer. She plans to work on this goal, but it will be tough seeing on how she is shy. Rain is very determined and will stop at nothing, not even her parents, to achieve her dreams.

Example RP segment #1:
Rain Song walked down the road in Ponyville. She was happy she had gotten to get out of the house today and enjoyed the warm sun on her fur. As she walked along, she heard a foal sobbing and looked next to her. "Oh. Um, are you ok?" Rain Song asked softly. She didn't stutter around foals, which she was grateful for. "M-m-my m-m-mommy... I can't f-f-find her..." the foal said in between great heaving sobs. Rain Song smiled softly and got down to level with the foal. "It's ok. We'll find her. I bet she misses you ans is looking for you right now." she said soothingly. She motioned for the foal to follow and they set off to find it's mother.

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PostSubject: Re: Rain Song~   Rain Song~ EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 4:36 am


Welcome to the forum! =D
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Rain Song~
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