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 Violet Rythme

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Ghost Ryth

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PostSubject: Violet Rythme   Violet Rythme EmptySat Nov 23, 2013 6:30 pm

Name: Violet Rythme
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Home: House within a forest outside of Ponyville
Mane: Stripe, unkept, usually covers right eye. (Dark purple and light purple)
Tail: Unkept(Same colors as Mane)
Eyes: Neon blue
Body: Thin, slightly tall.
Personality: Shy, quiet, and mostly nice. Doesn't always like being around groups of ponies and spends most time reading in his home.
Likes: Books, music, nature and artwork.
Dislikes: Rude ponies, heights, insects and being dirty.
Special Talent: Magic music (Music can affect the mind in different ways)
Family: No current family.
History: Grew up wandering. Once he had found a suitable house within a quiet forest, he furnished it with all he needed and books. Usually stuck around his house and wondered out to get supplies or work for bits. At other times he would paint and make drawings that he either sells or decorates his house with. Most of the time he practices music.

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Princess Sarah
Princess Sarah

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PostSubject: Re: Violet Rythme   Violet Rythme EmptySun Nov 24, 2013 10:36 am


A little better spacing would be nice. But I like it :3

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Violet Rythme
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