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 Why things went bad between the sites + My thoughts

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Why things went bad between the sites + My thoughts Empty
PostSubject: Why things went bad between the sites + My thoughts   Why things went bad between the sites + My thoughts EmptyMon Nov 11, 2013 1:10 pm

*Sighs*...Welp unless I post this, it's going on the other sites, so here we go.

Cold Gun wrote:
It started with a simple header change. It looked fairly depressing which we were kinda bothered by. Kid mentioned in a post that maybe it was not a good idea to have a picture like that as the header and was very quickly yelled at by a staff member known as Amber. During this time there was a lot of panic in the chat as people became hot headed. In a skype call we were all basically being grumpy and insulted over the things mentioned by Amber (Stuff like that new members young or otherwise shouldn't be allowed on the forum if they didn't like the header. Also saying that young members shouldn't be on anyway. (The founders were young when they made the site...yeah), but I and not too far after Asha mentioned that first of all. She was having a bad time, and might not really mean any of those things. Second, the fact that 1nc put it up does not mean that he knew that it would affect people like that, and he'd probably say that he should have told people first. This did not happen, but that is for later. Amber not too far after being rude to members posted an apology. We were all happy with that and we all made up there (Amber is a good member and we were all kinda worried that she would get in trouble. It's hard to hear a friend say those things but we do dumb things when we are stressed and hot headed and she is no different). 1nc entered the chat and Asha told him what happened. 1nc replied that it would not be the site's downfall, in which Asha replied that they were at each other's throats for a bit because of the sudden change and there should have been a warning before such a sudden change. 1nc started insulting Asha telling her that she were being overdramatic and that in any other case it she wouldn't have cared. Asha replied that they usually did not fight each other like this and something could have been done. 1nc then blamed Asha for people being upset and despite Intel telling 1nc (being Ignored in the con) that they would have like a post or something before doing something like this. 1nc didn't listen and just said that he found it entertaining that people would be unhappy with the header. He said that it was a fine header for the forum (It was not btw) and that he was just playing with the layout and only really was unhappy with the color scheme. He mentioned that the changes weren't pernament and that they had never announced it in the past. He was very clearly just making excuses at this point and just annoyed the people in the chat with a rather arrogant look on it. Stating that it's fair game to play with a forum's scheme like that without contacting even half the staff, or the founders, only having a single link in the chat to a stream were about three people claim that it was "announced" and was planned as such. This is also wrong as they kept swinging around whether the thing was permanent or not. Stating that they "Pretty up the forum" post was a warning. That post was far to old to be relevant and the changes weren't permanent when asked originally and sure enough, they weren't afterwards.1nc was asked to change the site back before more people got mad at how he treated Asha and the members in general with the way he explained his situation. He did do that, but not just a few hours later he changed it back. I don't know how many times he did this, but it made members on the site even more mad as he was being a jerk about the ordeal. Later there was a few posts discussing what happened and 1nc made his own topic and split Asha's topic without her permission and behind her back. It was just more excuses and the members responded that it seemed to just be him saying that it's the member's fault that it went like this. I were driven mad. It's hard to hear him put it all on Asha and Kid (later me) just because we were the ones saying that we didn't like it and that he should apologizes to the members or at least say that it was not his intention. Instead he blamed others and acted high and mighty as he is a senior member and "knows best". A random line of bans happened during this time and I, and a few others from what I was told, was a victim of this. This was revealed to be a glitch that is common on forum motion and it's not something that people aren't familiar with. We generally got over that quickly. A little after I got an email basically saying "Don't mess with me or I will end you" saying that is was from 1nc. I just replied that I don't care,got annoyed and went on with my buisness. People in the chat got tired of 1nc doing what he did and a good bit of the staff trying to defend him saying that because a couple of them saw the stream they were just as much to blame. We just said that it was not really that, that made us upset. It was how it was being handled. In the chat there was quite a bit of chaos. Me and the others got to work and made sure that people calmed down and kept any discussions, rudeness, or other, away from the chat. I suggested that ranting was brought to skype instead. Most of them agreed and went on to skype and generally calmer (mostly because there was not that many that was yelling) talked about how it made them upset. This was fine and the chat calmed down a bit. I made a comment in the chat to celebrate that we got people to relax a bit stating. "Whew, we probably work harder than the admins right now." I of course didn't mean to offend anyone, but sadly I did upset my friend Blind...I still explained when I was questioned that I was just being glad that we could handle it. But she was still a little hurt from it...sorry. I chatted with Tara (or Hammy as she is known on the site) about how beaten up I was, and how I was getting thin from being sick with a rather bad case of influenza. I mentioned that people were upset and thought the staff were snarling at them. I mentioned the email which Tara took note of. I said that it was just someone who was upset, but later I found the she had shared it with the staff. I was bothered by some and I just said the same as I did with Tara. That it was probably just someone who was upset. I was told something rather rude that I honestly don't remember anymore and I just said that it goes against my morals and I that I thought it was illegal to show it anyway. Not too long afterwards I was bothered again with the same thing. I just said that I was not going to show something private and personal to them and that it was not a site matter. Later I heard that Doodle said something about Blind sending the emails (I think it was from either Asha or Kid) and I asked her about it as I was curious. Doodle refused to answer and I got kinda ticked as I wanted to at least find out why she said those things. Later I found out that Blind showed her what the email said and they just heard wrong. But this made me even more angry. They showed something that was private, stupid and had nothing to do with the problem on the site to people. I was asked again about it, this time a bit more rudely. I finally said that I won't show them anything as they had proven that they couldn't be trusted. I was bothered by this again by other members and they said that I was just holding it back so that 1nc wouldn't get into trouble. I have no idea why they would say that, and I just told them to leave it be, and that I was not going to argue it with them. I got a surprise visit at my mother's place (I was dogsitting) and because of my low stress tolerance. I opened the door looking like hell on earth. I blame the influenza mostly, but it turned out to be my brother and a couple of his friends that wanted to visit. They took note on how shitty I looked and I basically told them to make it a brief visit as I was not feeling too well. They left in a good time and (of course) called my mother and said that I looked pretty sick. She and her boyfriend returned early and bothered me about feeling ill. They could see that it was more than just the sickness as I usually don't look sad when I am sick, just worn out. I said that I just had some personal troubles. They weren't really fine with that and kept asking. I just told them that they couldn't do anything anyway and that I had enough of talking about it. I had a chat with Kid about my problems with the thing and I told him to not talk about the emails as it had been the reason why some of the staff (I still don't know who did it aside from Kore) bothered members. He ignored this and told Kore that I still had problems related to it. I got another email saying something about where my boyfriend at the time lived...I told him and he just said that everyone could easily find out if they wanted. I was still a bit nervous about it and told people to stop talking about the things because it's only making it worse. Later I was bothered again, being told to post it on the forum that I had problems off site. I did and mentioned the emails like requested, which was the final straw for me.I needed a break and since things were going so badly for people. I decided to change my site to a canon RP instead of an AU for people that wanted to RP there for other reasons. Then I left it to Flutters and rested a bit before being bothered again. My first post was just me saying that I had enough and wanted to leave for a good bit. When I got bothered again about it, I mentioned that the reason I was angry was because so far, I was being bothered by some staff members and 1nc's case was being ignored by a lot of them. This resulted in 1nc starting to complain that whatever I said was a lie. I can say right now that the emails were real, but he ignored the fact that I was just saying that he was messing with the site and so far, only Intel had objected to it from the admins. Blind qouted a line from Abraham Lincon about forgivness and justice. I mentioned that it's not about forgivness. It was easy for him to say that he made a mistake or that he was sorry. But so far he had only blamed others and fancy talked his way out of it to appear profesional and thought out. Nobody was happy with his way of refering to the members. I got a steam message from someone called Comicsans and he said that he was the one that sent the emails. I got angry, removed him from my friend list and after punching a pillow for a bit, told a lot of the staff that he did it. There is where I made a mistake though, I thought it was Comical, a friend of mine that I really like, so when I saw that I just thought it was him from the name, and got really hurt thinking that he basically messed with me just because. Not too much later he contacted me on skype and said that he heard what happened and said that it wasen't him. I at first was suspecious but I allowed him to speak, though admittidly I snarled a bit ._. ,,,feel bad about that one. He showed me his steam and he mentioned that he had never had contact with my steam and I could see that he was telling the truth. I felt horrible, I quickly told the staff that I made a mistake and that I was sorry to have made an impulse judgement on it. Me and Comical chatted for a bit and we got ok again, feeling bad for each other at that time. I then just decided that I would go back to the site and just plain say "I don't care anymore. This is over for me." so that maybe people would calm down. The case with 1nc could always be brought up again if he continued. I was surprised to find that I had been banned from the forum, but I tried to keep my cool, thinking that maybe it was just to wait until I was cooled off. Nope, not too long after Kore posted a global announcement with a fake reason for why I was banned. This made me pretty angry, but at least people called her out on it. I decided that it was something that should be taken easy and that it was better if we talked over a longer period of time rather than argue when, I at least was angry. This turned out to have been a bad idea. they never wanted to discuss it again, some of the staff went on to "check" on me and Flutter's site. The staff in general was just taking a peek, they made an account even though they weren't going to RP. Kore took a look at the site and saw it as a direct "copy" of their site and citisized everything about it. Whether it was common in RP sites or not. Especially the Crystal Pony thing as it said "That's right, I made them standard ;)". I quickly informed people that I was basically taking a break as I was still really sick and still kinda sad about something that happened just a little before the problem. Kore went on to spreading rumors, trying to defend her point in the ban. Just basically saying that I was activately trying to destroy the site. I mentioned that I loved the place. I was the first to make a milestone post, and I had been on the site all day, every day since I had joined. She made sure to cover up that it was 1nc's rude behavior that made people mad, and bothered me about the emails again just to continue to push the "She is clearly being a jerk" thing she had going. My brother visited me one day and asked me if I was ok with him. I was pretty confused and just kinda said sure, before asking why I wouldn't be. He just said that I seemed pretty mad at him after he chatted with me. Something clicked in my head and I realized he was the one that sent the emails...I asked him why the *Bleep* he would do that and he just said that he wanted to prank me, but he didn't know it would hurt my feelings like it did, as he was used to me playing SS13 before I stopped after some people were jerks (Not too unusual with that game). I threw him out of my apartment and spend a few days in bed, being sad about how terrible things went. Kore bothered me on skype again and I just got fed up with it and just told her that I reported it to the email service's staff that I got them. Kore stated in our earlier talks that if she got the email, she would contact and interrogate said person. There was no way I was going to give her my brother's email. The last thing I wanted to do, was get him involved further. She basically just said that she found it unlikely, and I just said that she had been bothering me enough. Kore shared this with people (Which is still not ok to do. Especially not when she had been basically flamed me like she did), and used it as an excuse to flame me again for not talking to hear about it. I got into a call with Asha and we ended up talking about the ban. Eventually I was asked if I could at least consider showing only her. I gave a fairly big yell in fustration and took ran off to hit my head agaist the wall. When I came back I said that I lied to Kore flat out to get her to stop bothering me and everyone. I also mentioned that I a very long time ago had deleted the messages to keep people from bugging me about them, this was ignored by most. I shared with Kore that I lied and it's something that I never do. I can only remember two times I've lied in the past. The thing I told Kore to make her stop. And one time when I said that my older brother caught Mew without cheating (He cheated). Something was said during the call and...well, it made me sad and I almost made a horrible mistake. After some drama we tried to discuss it again. The arguements from people were generally ignored and almost all of the staff didn't know what it was about. Kore shot down arguements with no counter arguements and when it was shown that I saw the conversations, Kore pulled Asha aside and scolded her. It's obvious that Kore was being super secretive and manipulating most of the conversations. The meeting went nowhere and was forgotten. I had posted an apology prior to the meeting. Basically saying that I am sorry for being grumpy during the thing. I probably admitted to more than I should have, but I was trying to not be a jerk. Kore critisized it (As usual). I posted a message saying that they had never really said why they really banned me. They didn't explain this to anyone despite it being called out (It was a private thing that only they could see).I also mentioned that I was not satisfied with Kore's arguement and that I was not going to say who, or how many showed me her post. She immediatly pulled Asha aside and scolded her again. It's especially fustrating to me that someone would pull what I think of as a daughter, aside just because they assume that they are the ones that shared it with me even though I made it painfully clear that I wasen't going to mention who or how many did it so that they WOULDN'T do that. It was completely unfair and Kore had no right to do that to her. I was getting really tired of how this was treated and I really doubted that there was any logic to it aside from the fact that it was negative to their case. I should mention that when Kore was asked about 1nc's case, she explained next to nothing, and only really made excuses. (Forgot to add that). I asked Kore on steam to explain why she was so hellbent on making everything so secret to everyone. I also explained why it's not fair to snarl at Asha for showing me something that I was supposed to see. She at first said that she was playing Tanks and really didn't want to talk about it. I was ok with it, as I was trying to understand her more than accuse her. She is/was my friend afterall. When it was done she made another excuse, then another, and another. Eventually she ignored me, and my friend told me that she was indeed doing that. I got angry for a while, but then later decided that I didn't care if she was up to no good about the subject. She was still a friend in my eyes and I sent her a message saying that I did not care that she basically framed me. I still wanted to be her friend. Later she would snarl at the fact that I used the word "frame", but it's just how it is and I don't pretend to not feel sore about it.Things got quite for a while and me and Kore became pretty good friends again. Of course I was still fustrated that she was still completely high and mighty about the case, but I tried to ignore it until it would be a good time to discuss it again as the meeting had been neglected. Finally we decided that the best way to have a meeting was to just make it a chat rather than a post. I should mention that a lot happened in between. This is actually kinda a quick version of what has been going on. A lost of drama, bull, and general dumb things happened in between all of these things. Anyway, back on track. We had a meeting and it went fairly nice. We were in the staff chat as it would be the best place as it already had everyone except 1nc really as he did not do much anymore, but we added him to another chat soon afterwards. After a little bit of fooling around we got serious and asked if we could start the discussion. Kore kinda nonshalantly said "Leave that to me", in which I replied that it was probably going to cause next to nothing to happen, and that it would mean that the staff once again would not know what it was about. Asha made the comment that it was important to hear the victim's side on it. Kore got kinda rude and said the following.Implying "there is a victim says we were bullys and doing thigns wrongfully". She then said that we had a very low chance of being listened to, because of what our view on it was. We started the discussion and here is what happened.It started with us saying hi and telling them that it was about the case that had been put off. Kore started out by saying the following "Are you here to argue the ban to be lifted because of a 'misunderstanding' or because you beleive you will be a fine member?" In which I replied "Both" It was obvious that people were bothered by what was asked . 1nc started with the rude comment "It's unfortunate that apparently nothing has been learned since the incident." Then shortly after "lol", as it again seemed like neither had any sense of guilt or claims as to why I was really being treated so harsly I said "I hate to mention it...but why was I banned?". Kore got pissed and gave her bull explanation. She said once again that it was because I didn't want to show them the mails that they had no right to even ask for, or look into. She said it was because The mails seemed inconsistant and that is something that I mentioned being a reason why it was not good to show as they are un thought out hatemails that nobody would care about. The only reason why it said something that could be taken seriously, is because it caused a lot of people heard about it and bothered me. Causing me to talk to my family for comfort. Which is sadly how my brother knew were he lived...She said that I was making the staff look like bad guys. I didn't. I only said that 1nc was being a rude jerk, and messing up the site. Whatever was said in the cases was not my words. It was what I heard because of them to begin with showed private stuff to people, and I just heard about people's theories. I didn't ever say that one of them was the bad guy. Not because of the emails anyway. I only blamed 1nc for being rude, lying, and messing up the site and breaking the rules. She said the forum was falling apart, in which I said that, it was because 1nc got nothing, and the staff seemed like they were snarling at people that said it shouldn't be ignored. I never blamed the staff for this. They kinda did, yes. But it was not something I brought up. I just said that it's not about it. It was about 1nc's behavior towards the members and how he was messing with the site in a rude and forceful way. I will remind you all that it's not a site matter they banned me for. It was not  a ban-able offence, or even an offence in general. It was just a impulse desicion that didn't get handled proberly afterwards because of Kore's flaming and bothering. She left the chat afterwards saying that it wasnt' going anywhere and that she was "done". She was being a jerk. She left without hearing anything about why that would not be my fault, and she left with a bull excuse to why the ban was placed without anyone being able to question her judgement since she was gone. Being upset is ok. But she had pulled this too many times, and if she is going to enforce that view so much, then she should defend it instead of just showing it and then buggering off every time. After she left I just sighed in fustration, but I went on. I said that it was not my intention to give the staff something stressing to do, and that I didn't want them to do it in the first place. Especially knowing that they couldn't do anything. Then 1nc started...oh my god 1nc started the bull. Here is what he responded to it. "By intention or otherwise, your actions are recognized by the administration as deliberately antagonistic" I only said that 1nc was being a jerk to people. He then followed it up after I told him that it still wasn't anything that was my fault exactly. "Our investigation wasn't the source of the issue. It began with your decision to fabricate an imaginary situation, accept it as truth, and then use it to divide the forum members up. And it is evident that you still don't want to take responsibility for that." First of all. The emails were real. Saying that is clearly just him trying to pull shit out of his ass to help his point as I can't prove it anymore, and I wouldn't do it even if I did have them as they had been showing private messages that I specificly asked not to be shown to avoid conflict as it was something minor, and a personal problem. Second, did you see that?. Fancy words used to make him sound profesional, and thought out. That kind of speech is fairly insulting. It shows no reason, or emotion. And no, it doesn't matter that he says friend every few sentences. Third. I was the one that was trying to keep everyone together. I worked on keeping the staff and the members out of trouble. Stating specificly that 1nc was the one we should be mad at as he could just have said he was sorry at any point. Instead he made it sound like a "sorry for the inconvinience" message, that was speaking for the staff more than himself. It still blamed it on the members too. Fourth. I took responsibility for everything I did. Even more probably. Even before the ban, I was trying to chat with Amber make sure that she did not have problems with other members and that everyone was friends again. I made sure to say that I was sorry...I got hot headed in the replies and I just said that it bothered me and itt wasn't her fault, I could have made my reply more polite. I talked to Comical immediatly after telling the staff that I made a mistake and they shouldn't ban him. He understood why I would make an impulsive judgement like that as I was really angry and fustrated at the time. We had a good time afterwards chatting about things and moved on. After the ban I made it very clear that I was rather hot headed and they probably just did it too keep me from snarling in my replies until I cooled down. That didn't turn out to be the case, but meh....I later made a post that was on my site (And it was supposed to be shared on theirs but was shot down by who else?, Kore) That said that I was sorry about being rather angry, wanting to leave for a fairly long while as the case made me stressed. I said a lot of things. Even some stuff that I probably didn't have to take "responsibility" for as I really had no control over it. All in all. I took responsibility for what I did, yet neither him, or Kore had done such a thing. Kore played nice about a lot of the things, but when it came to her actual opinion, she was more than a little rude and unreasonable. I said to 1nc that, that was not anything that I wanted to happen. That we were all hot headed and made mistakes, and that focusing on me like this was unfair. He qouted himself saying "And it is evident that you still don't want to take responsibility for that." That was the final straw. I gave up talking to him as he was just being a dick to everyone that was a part of it, by being such a bad example. I said that we all made mistakes. I asked what I am supposed to have "Learned" about this incident. It didn't seem like I could really learn anything except that I can't trust 1nc and Kore with anything personal. If I ever trust Kore with it, then it's something that I wouldn't mind others hearing about. He replied "Yep, you haven't learned. I'm in favor of keeping the ban." In a chat with me and Asha we both head desked. He just ignored the question, and just relied on the rank, and respect he had been given for creating the rules and being there for a long time, even if he didn't do much. I just said that I give up. There was no point talking to them. I said goodbye and left. Asha followed, being just as fustrated as I was. We were hurt again...Once again we felt like life was horrible and that it was rude and uncalled for. After some thinking. We eventually decided that the only way something could happen, is if we made this case public. It was the most fair thing we could do. They hadn't been doing anything to be fair on their own, so it made sense to ask the members for their input. Here is mine. Kore and 1nc have no right to be admins if they can't take responsibility, follow their own rules, flame people, lie in public, act imaturely with their case, not sharing anything with the rest of the staff. The staff can't really give their opinion if they don't know what it's about, or even worse. If they believe what Kore said, and maybe go against the case. They had been arrogant and joking about it. They have been scolding other staff members for sharing what they said. I want to moderate there again. I meant what I said when I made the milestone post. I made so many friends, and most of them are more dear to me than my own family. I was on (and still kinda is) all day, every day since I joined, and made sure that people that dropped by the chat always had someone to talk to (only rarely forgetting to leave a dot). I made sure to mention the place on my other sites when I could, as I wanted my other friends to join too. This discussion have been dragged by Kore, even when 1nc said he didn't care. It made it a very tiring subject as it went nowhere because of things being shot down without counter arguements, not every staff being able to be there at once (which they never could with timezones and all). And revealed next to nothing about what was talked about. We have tried to talk this out for months now, and the two haven't changed a bit. We tried to be as nice and calm as we could when talking. But it was met with the arguements being shot down (again with no counter arguements) and them ignoring any point, making more false claims, and making sure to kill any  discussion that was started. No matter how calm, reasonable, or fair it was. Kore said that I made the place a sad one after what happened. People being somewhat depressed before finally leaving the site. I still don't know if anyone left after what happened. I know that Kid and Comical aren't around anymore. Kid was very afraid of the staff, as he was the one that started the arguement and he knew that people were being bothered by some staff. I honestly can't say for sure if that's the case, but it's what it sounded like when I talked to him. Dark and Sky seemed to get depressed when I was banned. I still don't think they left because of the things I did. I think they are more mad at the fact that 1nc's crimes was ignored, and that I was banned for basically being rude to 1nc (Which he was to us first), and for saying that his crimes shouldn't be ignored. Only the being rude part is a strike. The strike really wouldn't matter in this case as it wasn't just someone being unprovoked to snarling. Many members at the time were being pretty hot headed in our arguements and 1nc was the most offencive one. He blamed the thing on most of the members. Mostly Asha, Kid, and later me, for saying that we didn't really like the new header. Saying that we didn't like it was of course not what caused the panic. It was the way that the critique was met, and handled. It was that it happened so suddenly, and that it looked really mean and uninviting. They have made no attempt to take responsibility, and no justice was made. They were the main cause for the site's crisis, and they refuse to admit that they had been doing things badly. We would need some new admins if they are gone. I suggest Fireseeker and MC. They are both a lot more reasonable. They care more about the forum and it's members in general, and don't let pride get in their way. They take responsibility for mistakes, and cares for the members and their problems. The forum is my baby, and I don't want them to hurt it, even if I am reduced to working through codes on the site -_-: .It's hard working for a site that you can't log into. For mods, I would suggest Flutters. But since she probably won't be around it wouldn't be the best. So I instead suggest Calla. She might not be the best at the more technical stuff. But she is excellent at judging apps, and is very helpful to members that seek guidance. I do wish to get my mod position back. But I can understand if I have to wait a bit.

I left out some of the things to stay on track. But if it's requested, I can talk on skype about what the moods were. Especially the sad ones... During this we were more sad and fustrated than angry. We didn't like it, but we are not the types that does whatever they can to screw a person over. We just say what we think. We try to understand and talk about things. We tried our best to remain friends, and we will try after this as well. I really don't want to be mad at Kore. She is a dear friend of mine, even if she have been seriously bad about this. I am very afraid that she is going to take a lot of offence because of this...Don't be too rough on her. We all make mistakes. Both 1nc and Kore have been here for a long time, and done a lot. The respect they got was earned, but it's also taken away when they hurt not just this site. But others, and their members. They might be better members than staff, and I think we should at least make them members. A ban would be a bit harsh (To Kore at least) as it's sore feelings building up, and everyone can be affected by their instinks and morals. But the truth is, that they are not good staff. We will respect what they have done for the site, but this does not mean that Kore can attack people's personal life and flame other RP sites just because they have members from their site on it.

This is mostly said from Sarah's perspective and writen by Cold. I am Sarah's irl friend, and I am sorry if my English kinda sucks. She tried to write this but her hands were shaking and she broke down after a few failed attempts to write it. I was saw a lot of what happened, and she showed me what was going on. She had been bothered by members and family alike to do something about it, and I must admit to have poked her a bit too. She is doing a little better now that I have helped her with this. She had appearentaly been trying to write it for three days, but she got too depressed and tired of her hands shaking that she stopped. Luckily I came bye :)

Again. Please support it with a reply. Make sure that it's not allowed to happen again. Make sure that we all chat like we used to. The forum would be so much happier if things went back to normal. It's sad that it had to end like this, but we tried as hard as we could to solve it without hurting anyone, but it couldn't be done. We understand that it's hard to say that a friend is not suited for the thing. But it's the only way to keep the site safe. We need to make sure the sites staff put the forum and it's members before their pride. So far, Kore and 1nc have been acting badly. 1nc feeling absalutely no guilt, and Kore's flaming and false claims.

Please. If you don't like what they did. Post it below. Not doing it is just like saying it's ok to let this happen to us. We need every bit of support we can get, and if they mess with you for saying your opinion. Then please don't give up. Don't let them intimidate you D:

We really hope we get support on this. It's a very serious case, and we need the members input and opinion. It shouldn't be hidden anymore, and you all deserve to know what went down. If this topic is deleted, then it doesn't mean it's fixed. Honestly, if they post something about this post being a direct "scheme" or "attack" against the forum. Don't believe it. This is for the members and the community. Yes, there is a lot of pointing at people, but the reason why names are mentioned is because it's important to know who was involved. We are sorry if it's somewhat hard to read as it brings back bad memories. A lot of us were mad at each other. We made up now. But it doesn't change the fact that it hurts to hear. We are sorry for reminding all of those who were a part of it.

Note, this was shown to a few members before posting, and we asked if they wanted to add something.
Anyway...I have tried to apologize and make peace a hundred times in the past. They have yet to show an attempt to make things right, and continue to spread lies in general. They say that I haven't tried to do anything when basically all that know me, knows that I have been doing stuff from even before the ban to make everyone friends again. I never said that ANYONE (aside from Comical/Bro but I'm really ashamed of that....sorry Bro D:) sent the emails, and I certainly didn't blame them for it. They have banned me from assumptions at best. They don't care about the member's input in this and just smooth talk in response to them. I hate to sound like I am still hating, I wanted to end this a LONG time ago. But it seems that no matter what, it's impossible to make peace with them. I know that it's not the staff as a whole. I only really blame two people for keeping this going like it has. False information and general schemes has made the place hostile to it's members and friends. If they want to say something in their defense, they can do it here. It won't matter on the other forum.

The reason why this is posted is because of how this entire case has affected my friends, and even some of my family. Most of my friends wanted this posted so it was out there. But now that THREE of my friends are at the hospital because of depression, I can't stand it...Anyway. This was just to say that I wasn't the one causing problems. The only problems I have caused is trying to make peace and being insulted for it every time. I still want peace, but I won't waste my time trying anymore...If they want peace they can post it here, to prove that they have good intentions. I know his message might sound like a direct attack. It is basically, but there is a reason why it isn't posted. I wasn't a big part of the post, but it does explain things pretty well...

If anyone reads this. DON'T BOTHER ME, OR ANYONE WITH THIS AGAIN!. It makes us sad and frustrated. If anything is to be said, put it here. I don't want to have every single chat for people to be about how much they hate what happened. We all want to be able to hang out again, but it seems that we have to find a new way to do that.

I don't want to hear anything for posting this either...It was either me, or anyone else...I just did it to get it over with. NO MORE BOTHERING PEOPLE SERIOUSLY!. It's insulting...

A lot of people have seen the post before and we have discussed what to do with it. This is all it's going to be. Don't post it anywhere else to annoy people. It's not a war, it's just a sad case. Now please just move on. Things will never be like they were before, but as nothing is going to be done about it. Let's just do something else.

I ended up adding more to this post than I imagined, but I guess that's just feelings coming back from re-reading it -.-:  

Anyway. For a better future. This is the end of it.

d~Princess Freya Glittery Fasionista Baticorn Sarah~b

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Why things went bad between the sites + My thoughts
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