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 Simple Breeze

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PostSubject: Simple Breeze    Simple Breeze  EmptySat Sep 14, 2013 10:09 pm

Simple Breeze

https://servimg.com/view/18464440/17]Simple Breeze  Happys10[/url]


Race: Chrystal pony

Home: ponyville



Eyes: light blue

Body: purple and when shiny bits of cobalt can be seen

Cutie Mark: a leaf in the breeze (Put a picture of your cutie mark here)


Personality: sweet and caring, simple likes to just do whatever comes to mind and doesn't have issues doing whatever any pony else wants to do when he goes out. He can also be easily distracted by anything, especially new and shiny things and such.

Likes: parks, swimming, sweets, reading, LOVES music, and meeting new ponies/

Dislikes: liars, rude ponies, steamed green beans, and head aches.

Special Talent: Gardening

Family: none

History: Simple breeze had always been laid back, but when the Chrystal empire came back its was different for a time. He would see the same building...the same ponies...the same dull boring things.. He was the only one of his family who stayed in the Chrystal empire, his plants couldn't take care of themselves you know. As a colt he was a funny little one, he always could be seen either out talking up a storm and going around the empire finding some way to bring himself out of the house, or he was alone laying in the park or garden. It seemed like he could lay there for hours looking through the trees above him as they swayed in the wind, he always did love how the wind carries the leaves off the trees. as time grew on he started finding he actually enjoyed planting things, leaving them in the open so the breeze would hit them as he would water them and nurture them. as time progressed his family moved on, feeling that the empire was becoming to familiar after a time. By his age now he finally saw why as the last of his plants wilted away... finally after a time he sold his house and started to venture out, hearing of a place called ponyville where he decided after much debate to move to. It has been a few years now and breeze has grown into a fine young stallion, his home flourishing with trees and plants in his front and back yard where he now grows and sells to the local florist's and he finally started to think, just maybe he made a good choice after all.

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PostSubject: Re: Simple Breeze    Simple Breeze  EmptySat Sep 14, 2013 10:13 pm

couldn't find a picture sorry
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Princess Sarah
Princess Sarah

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PostSubject: Re: Simple Breeze    Simple Breeze  EmptySun Sep 15, 2013 4:58 am


The personality is a little short, and I would have liked a pic but I can overlook that one for now. Other than that it's a fine OC ^v^

*Gives you the crystal pony badge of approval*

d~Princess Freya Glittery Fasionista Baticorn Sarah~b

Click the names to view their apps.

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PostSubject: Re: Simple Breeze    Simple Breeze  Empty

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Simple Breeze
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