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 ~The Rules~

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~The Rules~ Empty
PostSubject: ~The Rules~   ~The Rules~ EmptyMon Jul 22, 2013 4:10 pm

The Rules
Part I: General Rules

1: Be kind and respectful. Every member off this site has a right to his or her own opinion. You must understand that just because you disagree does not mean you should insult another member.

2: While some sites may tolerate swearing, mature content, and profanity, this site does not. Violence and grimdark themes are allowed in RP scenarios, though they should be used sparingly.

3: Each member is permitted to maintain one account and only one account. If we find a member has multiple accounts an administrator will remove the second account. One account may store multiple OCs.

4: If any member feels as though a rule was broken or their rights as a member were violated they should not hesitate to contact an administrator.

Part II: The Chatbox

1: All of the above rules apply in the chatbox as well as around the forum.

2: The chatbox is there so that members may discuss RP scenarios out of character. However members may freely chat among each other about anything that does not break the rules.

3: Administrators and/or moderators may not kick or ban a member without first stating the exact rule the member has broken. A moderator/administrator may not ban a member without consulting the admins first.

Part III: Making an OC

1: All OC applications should follow the OC creation template.

2: Any member creating an OC may choose from the four standard races of Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, or Crystal Pony. If a member wishes to use a Non-Standard race, for example a Zebra or Bat Pony, they must first talk it over with an administrator or moderator and get their approval.

3: OCs with an overly exaggerated role in Equestrian society will not be approved. For example if the OCs app says something like, " rules the wind and makes twisters when angry." it will not be approved until the application is re-written.

4: A members OC may not know or be associated with any characters from the show. This will automatically be an unacceptable application until changed.

5: A member may freely make 4 OCs. To make 5 or more you must discuss the matter with a moderator or administrator.

6: To prove you have read the OC creation rules you must put the word "Harmony" at the bottom of every OC application.

Part IV: Posting Format

1: A member may not "God Mod" meaning take control of another member's OC. Phrases like "OC tackles OC2" are not acceptable. Instead say "OC jumps at OC2 trying to tackle them.".

2: All RPs must follow the posting order unless the member who started the topic states otherwise. The posting order is as follows:
Member A starts topic
Member B joins topic
Member A posts
Member B posts
Member C joins topic
Member A posts
Member B posts
Member C posts
Member A leaves
Member B posts
Member C posts
Member B posts


3: If it is a member's turn to post and they do not post within three days their turn may be skipped.

The rules still apply in the AUs, but it's much more tolerated to apply grimdark themes there.

Respectfully Yours,
~ Flutters and Prince Weedo~

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~The Rules~
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