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 Lily My Orphan Filly!

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Princess Dawn

Princess Dawn

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PostSubject: Lily My Orphan Filly!   Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:20 pm


Gender: Female

Race: Unicorn

Mane: long and spiky, orange and blue

Tail: long and spiky, orange and blue

Eyes: One's orange the other one's blue

Body: small, skinny, and dirty but white colored fur

Cutie Mark: An orange and a blue portal

Age: 7

Personality: Lily is a pony who is used to to being alone, she isn't used to being around many ponies at once, Lily is also a very protective filly and if made angry she can snap a 200 ton stallion in half (using magic of course), she is one to think that she is useless and worthless a lot of the time.

Likes: her "house", her magic, any food she can find (or steal), a teddy pony , and her Cutie Mark.

Dislikes: ponies trying to sneak into her 'home', stealing (SHOCKER), her name, ponies who tease or hurt somepony, losing her magic, and her biological mother

Special Talent: Using magic, her best spell is making portals that goes through walls.

History: When Lily was born her mother was a teenager. When she was three she was thrown out onto the the streets. It wasn't any worse then the abuse she suffered from the mother. Lily's mother had been nice enough to at least have Lily take the little things she did have plus two extra things. This is what she got. A blanket, a teddy pony, an old saddle bag, a book on magic, and a few bits of food. Lily couldn't live in Canterlot knowing her mother would have her come back and beat her again. Lily went far through the Everfree and she ended up near Ponyville. She made herself a home under a giant, shady, tree that is hard to see. She made a bed out of sticks that fell off trees and put her blanket over it.
Lily studied the book on magic that her mother had given her. This one had many spells but the one that Lily was perfect at was making portals. She actually had gotten her Cutie Mark after perfecting it. Lily used that spell and others to spell the supplies she needed to survive in life even though she hated having to do it. Lily headed to the library regularly to learn and practice new spells.

Example RP Segment: Lily was trotting out of the library with some new spells in her head as three colts trotted up to her. She stopped and looked at the three who had devilish smiles. They had gotten closer to her.
"Hey ugly, what are you doing 'round here." The first one said
"Leave, or I may have to break all of your bones"
Lily was not frighten by these colts at all. They started to actually seem frighten of her.
"Why? What are you going to do, hurt us with rainbows and butterflies?"
The group laughed at his joke.
"No, I'll do what I said I would."
With her magic she picked up the lead colt and pretended to brake his back hoof. She had a devilish smile as the other two stared in horror.
"Last chance."
The other colts ran away leaving their friend behind. She set him down and he ran away also, and he was crying. She laughed and trotted away to her home in the Everfree.
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Calla Lily
Calla Lily

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PostSubject: Re: Lily My Orphan Filly!   Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:26 pm

Dat RP... That's evil!


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Princess Dawn

Princess Dawn

Posts : 76
Join date : 2013-07-23
Age : 20
Location : Right here silly!

PostSubject: Re: Lily My Orphan Filly!   Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:59 pm

She's defending herself!
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PostSubject: Re: Lily My Orphan Filly!   

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Lily My Orphan Filly!
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