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 Golden Harvest

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Princess Dawn


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PostSubject: Golden Harvest   Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:29 pm

Golden Harvest

Mane: (I don't really know how to explain it refer to picture)
Tail:(refer to picture)
Eyes:light blue
Body:a light orange, while short with freckles
Cutie Mark:None
Age (Baby,adult):Filly
Personality:Golden is a momma's girl who loves to hang out with her twin brother. She has a crush on a new colt every week(because she just wants to loved by somepony who isn't part of her family). Golden also has a problem speaking, always mispronouncing words. She is very kind, hyperactive, and well... Unique.
Likes:Colts, her family, sugar, strange things, flying
Dislikes:Her speech problem, boring things, bland things, basically things that aren't fun, peanuts (allergic)
History: Golden Harvest was born to Red and Apple Harvest, not long after they had gotten married. Her and her twin brother both had faults and that didn't stop them from making friends! They were best friend forever though and that would never change. Every weekend her mother would teach her how to fly and then all of them would go get ice cream.
Example RP segment:
Golden was hopping around and playing with some of her friends a recess when a nervous look colt trotted up to her. Jack was his name, she knew that because she had a crush on him about... Five weeks ago.

Golden stopped playing and and smiled at him.

"Hi Jeck!" (Hi Jack!)

"Hi Golden... I was hoping that you want to hang out sometime?"


She looked at Spice, she had a crush on him now.

"Zorry A cen't, A'm grounded." (Sorry I can't, I'm grounded)

The colt sighed and sadly walked away.
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Princess Sarah

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PostSubject: Re: Golden Harvest   Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:32 pm


I would like to talk about it a bit before you can make the last OC though =P

d~Princess Freya Glittery Fasionista Baticorn Sarah~b

Click the names to view their apps.

=Sugar Rush=
=Cherry Sunshine=
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Golden Harvest
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