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 Floral Bloom

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PostSubject: Floral Bloom   Floral Bloom EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 2:09 am

size=29]Floral Bloom[/size]

Floral Bloom Mypony10

Gender: Male

Race: Unicorn

Mane: A deep red. Also well kept and styled cutely.

Tail: Same as mane. Always kept neat.

Eyes: A deep royal blue.

Body:A little but taller than average and skinnier than average. A very healthy plant like green.

Cutie Mark: A rose in full bloom.

Age: Adult, around 21 in pony years.

Personality: Floral is always happy and bubbly. He adores other ponies, often making a huge fuss over them. He can constantly be seen bouncing from pony to pony and project to project. Floral is also very detail oriented, often fussing over little things until he gets everything perfect. Floral is a very social pony, loving to be in the presence of others, although he does often need his alone time.

Likes: Flowers, celebrations, weddings, being in the company of others, handsome stallions, chocolate.

Dislikes: Tacky outfits, weeds and thorns, ponies who are overly mean, raisins

Special Talent: Growing flowers and making arrangements.

History: Floral Bloom was born to a pair of ponies, one an interior decorator, and another was a painter. He was raised to always express himself. Which he did, sometimes a bit too much. Floral often got in trouble as a child, drawing on the walls and making a mess trying to create art like his parents. Floral eventually got his cutie mark when helping his mother in her garden an helping her with the flower arrangements. As Floral went through school, his studies often suffered as he focussed his time and his flowers and designs. He did graduate however, before opening his own flower shop. He then took some lessons from his mother to help create beautiful arrangements and designs with his flowers and made that his living, loving to create spectacular arrangements and architecture out of flowers.

Example RP Segment: "No no no!" Said Floral, pulling on his mane. "This is all wrong!" Floral ran all around the wedding hall, getting an assortment of looks from the other ponies working there. "The roses should be here, next to the daisies, and the tulips should be with the tiger lilies!" Floral sighed loudly before using his magic to levitate all of the flowers, completely changing the arrangement. "There, much much much much much better." He said, "We get all the good contrasting colours!" Floral shook his head, "I can't believe I have to do this all myself. The wedding is in 2 hours people! This needs to be perfect!"

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PostSubject: Re: Floral Bloom   Floral Bloom EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 2:14 am

(ノ◥▶◀◤)ノ*:・゚✧ -Bro's seal of approval

You can't abscond Bro!
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Floral Bloom
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