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 O-r-e-o Oreo!

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Princess Dawn


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PostSubject: O-r-e-o Oreo!   Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:02 pm


Species:Earth pony
Mane:Black and white with spikes
Tail:Same as mane
Eyes:Hot pink
Body:Dark gray with some white on her flank
Cutie Mark:None yet
Age (Baby,adult):Young filly
Personality:Oreo's real momma's girl, she wants to be exactly like her adopted mother Indigo, she has split personalities one is dark and angry (Cookie of the oreo) and the other is sweet and kind (The cream)
Likes:Being like her mother, jewelry, drawing, colts, and sweets
Dislikes:rude ponies, stupid ponies,ponies messing with her mom, spiders, and death
Special Talent: Not really much, she hasn't gotten a Cutie Mark yet so...
History: Oreo was born and abandoned in the streets of Manehatten, she was lucky to have a stallion put her in the orphanage before she starved to death, Oreo didn't have many friends so she made up imaginary friends, two, to be exact. their names were Dark Shadow and Dream Light.

She also knew a colt named Kid, of course he never talked to him and tried to avoid him like the other colts. After he had left the orphanage she found herself wondering what happen? When Oreo was about six years old she was adopted by a mare named Indigo and moved to Ponyville, living in a big adventurous house. When ponies tried mess with her mom Oreo got mad and would yell at them sometimes even buck them in their leg.

Example RP segment:

Oreo was outside playing in the yard of the orphanage when she heard crying. She didn't know what to do! She was frighten, so she asked her imaginary friends what to do. after a brief discussion she decided to go find out what was wrong. Oreo was furious when she saw a filly who gotten adopted not too long ago was being beaten by some strange colt. The colt looked a her smugly and asked

" What are you looking at?"

Oreo smiled at the colt evilly creeping up closer just to scare him.

"I'm looking at a low-life colt who's about to get the daylights kicked out of him."

Her method worked! The colt ran off. Oreo trotted to the filly.

"Are you alright?"

" Yes, I'm fine. Thank you."

Oreo nodded her head and trotted back to the orphanage.

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PostSubject: Re: O-r-e-o Oreo!   Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:15 pm


She's adorable =3
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O-r-e-o Oreo!
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