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 Courage Finder

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Princess Dawn

Princess Dawn

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PostSubject: Courage Finder    Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:00 pm

Courage Finder

(None, yet)

Gender: Female

Race: Griffon

Mane: She has long white feathers looking like a mane. part of it covers her left eye. She almost has it in a ponytail all the time. It has light red for the tips of her feathers.

Tail: It's lions light brown tail with fur spikes all over it. The fluffy tip is white

Eyes: ones pink and the others orange

Body: She has the same eye thingy as Gilda except it's pink. The front is a griffon while the back is a a light brown lion. She has goggles and when she isn't using them they hang around her neck. She has front claws and hind lion paws She has the front feather things like Gilda that's orange.

Cutie Mark:None, she's a griffon


Personality: Courage Finder is full of courage and is very brave but it doesn't mean she's not afraid of things. She's also loyal. At times Courage very hyperactive. She is also kind and friendly most of the time but if you make her mad...  Just don't. She has a very adventurous spirit and uses it often. She's happy almost all of the time.

Likes:New things, foals, making new friends, new and different food, her awesomely amazing goggles

Dislikes:Boring stuff, sitting around all day, giant spiders (fear), hurting ponies (even if they deserve it), small spaces

Special Talent: Adventuring and making things

History: As a child things were going swell, she only had one toy, but that was what made her happy! It was an awesome pair of goggles that she wore everywhere, everyone was happy together. Until her parents had gotten a lot of fights she believed it was probably money problems. One day her father had just left. Her mother seemed very sad often and one day while Courage was at school her mother went shopping and got mugged. Her mother couldn't survive and then Courage had no family left.

Courage was sent to an orphanage while pegasi and other griffons made fun of her for her eyes. One night while she was on a field trip to Ponyville two stuck up fillies made fun of her and she beat them up. The ponies that worked at the Cloudsdale orphanage were so rude that they made her stay in Ponyville alone. Being lucky that she was a griffon she made a house out of a cloud and lived there. Later in life Courage headed out on an adventure through the Everfree forest and loved every minute of it! To pay for things she had gotten a job as a black smith.

Example RP Segment:
Courage Finder was the middle of creating a bow and arrows when a handsome young stallion trotted in. She looked at him, still wearing her goggles.
"Hello, Mr. Heart isn't here today, how may I help you?"
He smiled at her
"Hello, I'd like to take a beautiful young griffon on a date."
She stood in front of him.
"Oh, those griffons are in Cloudsdale."
He chuckled at her
"Um, I meant you."
She took off her goggles.
"Really? You aren't here to make fun of me?"
She had a big grin. He looked at her two different colored eyes, to him they looked really creepy
"Oh, um, nevermind. Goodbye"
With that, the stallion trotted out. She sighed and smiled.
"Well, at least I'll always have adventuring and working here!"
After she said that she put on her goggles and continued her work.

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PostSubject: Re: Courage Finder    Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:28 pm

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Courage Finder
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