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 This dude named Bro

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PostSubject: This dude named Bro   Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:14 pm

Swift Irony

Gender: Male


Mane: Feathers on the top of the head are a few shades lighter than black. They jut out, but are normally not visible due to his hat.

Tail: Same to that of a lion's tail, but tawny in color. The bit of hair at the end is the same color of the feathers on his head, a few shades lighter than black.

Eyes: Tawny, the same as his tail, Though they are rarely ever seen due to his pointy shades.

Body: His body is the color Silver, and his feathers are very well kept, rarely seen out of place. He also wears his puppet, small calvin by tying the puppet's arms around his neck.

Cutie Mark: He is a griffon, doesn't have one.

Age: Adult.

Personality: Swift Irony, or "Bro" Is known to be very mysterious. Not many things that he does make sense. This is all for the sake of Irony, one of his favorite subjects. If he can contradict himself in anyway, he does. Bro selects from the least likely of all choices for every decision. Not to prove himself a comic, but an individual far from normal standards. He tends to act as a father figure to many who need one, but prefers to be seen as an older brother.

Likes: Irony, the unexpected, individuality, puppets, animation, his attire.

Dislikes: Expectations, mimics, anti-fans of his work, the clueless, and utter randomness.

Special Talent: Ability to deliver the unexpected

History: Swift Irony has no known parents. He was adopted by another griffon who decided to raise him as his own In the city of cloudsdale. His adoptive father was known as "Bro" To many. His skills at surprise were amazing, and the way he contradicted himself while making himself seem admirable was envied by swift. Bro raised swift to be in every possibly way, similar to himself. He was raised to be skilled with a blade, without ever having to use it. What he did use, was his ability to master puppeteering. It was one of the many things Bro had taught swift to do, and was his absolute favorite. The young griffon made his first puppet, named small calvin. He carried this everywhere, and used it when caught in strife with others, instead of his blade. During his teenage years, he started to take initiative on making himself original. He groomed himself as if he was one of the classiest of stallions, but wore pointy anime glasses, and a plain cap to contradict it. He was slowly recognized as one of the descendants of the mysterious bro. Soon enough, both of the griffons came to realize that Bro couldn't live forever. He was slowly getting older, and there was nothing they could do about it. As time passed, so did Bro. Swift Irony swore to let his fathers name live on, along with his legacy and took the name Bro for himself.

Example RP Segment:(until I come up with some good ones you can create your own scenario to show off your RP skills. THIS IS REQUIRED.)

Swift Irony was flying through the dark skies of ponyville. It seemed quiet, and peaceful. There was really nopony around. It was night, and everyone was asleep. Suddenly, he heard a screech from behind him. Bro fixed his glasses and perched himself on a ledge to see what was happening.
    As bro looked closer, he saw what seemed to be a colt and a stallion. The stallion was using brute force on the colt to get him to do something. This seemed very similar to a kidnapping (don't know the ponified version for this) The griffon fixed his glasses, and straightened his hat, then flew down in between the colt and the stallion. "I got you little guy, nothing is happening on my watch." The stallion staggered. "What are you, some sort of super hero!?" The stallion laughed. "No... Not really, do you want me to be?" Bro asked. "What kind of que-" The stallion was interrupted by a puppet to the face. Swift had launched it in his general direction. Luckily, it had landed on his muzzle. He was knocked out. "You sure have gained some wait, calvin." He said to his puppet. There was no response. "Run along, little guy." He urged the colt. "B-but sir. That was my daddy!" Bro was silent. He gave the kid a small sack of bits. "Don't let anyone know I was here." He whispered and flew away.


You can't abscond Bro!
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PostSubject: Re: This dude named Bro   Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:20 pm


Now fly you beautiful bird you! =D

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This dude named Bro
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