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 Erika Darknight

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PostSubject: Erika Darknight   Erika Darknight EmptyWed Jul 24, 2013 2:32 pm

Erika Darknight

Erika Darknight 9175582125_2bb70ea2bb_z

(Sorry for the lines!)

Gender: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Mane: blue-black, usually worn in a braid

Tail: blue-black, uniformly cut and styled

Eyes: crimson, indicating her Asian origins

Body: white, strong and fit

Cutie Mark: A blue bow, loaded, pulled tight

Special Talent: Bow Hunting and Combat; Survival

Age (Baby,adult): 21

Personality: Erika developed a rare disorder as a foal, causing her to not feel real emotions, like fear or sympathy. She feels deep emotions, like love and hate, and when she catches criminals, the most minuscule of joy. Because of the want to feel more of that joy, she is extremely ambitious, making her perfect for her job.

Likes: Her job, catching cons, archery, fighting

Dislikes: Over-emotional ponies, failing missions

History: Erika was born in Seoul, Colterea, to two high-class earth ponies. Unbeknownst to herself, she has a fraternal twin sister, the earth pony Marianne 'May'. Her birth name is translated from Colterean as Sapphire Darknight.

Sapphire's parents were expecting one child, but the extra child would be a burden. They immediately took a liking to May, as, though Sapphire was the easier child, she was also a unicorn, which was a recessive gene from her mother's side. Ashamed of her ancestry, Mrs. Darknight hated unicorns, and thus disliked her own child.

On a yearly trip across the ocean to Equestria, the Darknights left Sapphire in a ditch in Canterlot. The foal nearly died from the twenty hours she spent alone, but a caring mare found her, nursed her to health, and brought her to the Canterlot Orphanage. Sapphire had been left with nothing but a gold amulet bearing her full name in Colterean, a language not understood by the Equestrians. They had a translator come and translate the name, in hopes of finding her family, but by the time the translator had finished, the Darknights had already gone back to Colterea.

Because of the trauma of being left on the road, Sapphire developed a mental disorder, causing her to feel no emotion that she knew of. As a result, she was separated from the other foals to protect them from her occasional curious sadism. Sapphire was unfazed by this, for she did not feel loneliness, but she did discover that boredom was not an emotion, and therefore, it cloaked itself around her.

On her twelfth birthday, her present from the orphanage was the choice to change her name. Sapphire chose Erika, the name of the heroine from her favorite book.

Erika might have stayed in solitude until the day she died had she not found a blue bow and quiver on a sneaky trip to the basement. Fascinated by the weapon, she honed her skills to near perfection by the time she was eighteen. Her favorite blue bow became her cutie mark.

When a passing guard caught sight of the young mare, he couldn't believe it. Erika was shooting arrows, one after another, straight into the bullseye of a target. Each time she shot, the arrow split the one before it down the middle, dropping the halved wood onto the grass. Thoroughly impressed, with her permission, as she was a legal adult, he took her to the castle. The commander at the time was impressed by not just her archery skills, but her dagger-fighting abilities, her ability to fight amazingly well without using magic, and her emotionless demeanor. He put her into training until she was twenty-one. The mare was then one of the youngest and most talented ponies in the Royal Guard. She was placed in a special division of the guard charged with catching the most notorious and dangerous of criminals all across Equestria.

Erika is perfect for the job, as she is without guilt and unwavering in the face of persuasion. She stays in allegiance with the crown for the minute joy she receives as she turns in criminals, especially those who are almost as equally gifted as herself. She wears the amulet from her childhood on a red ribbon around her neck, and carries a dagger and her bow with her at all times. She is currently living in Canterlot.

Example RP segment:  1. A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.


It is all the foal feels. She does not know where her mother is, and it's cold out here. And windy. It hurts her skin. It hurts her eyes. The baby unicorn feels tears leaking from her eyes, and the screams pouring from her mouth, but she doesn't see anypony. She calls for her mother until her tiny voice fades, unable to scream anymore. Instead, she sobs until a blue unicorn spots her, lying alone and dirty, starved and parched.

"Oh my Faust," the unicorn cries, pulling the little filly out of the ditch. "You poor thing! You're coming home with me. It's okay. You're safe now."

The filly didn't understand anything. All she felt was the mare's warm pelt against her face.

Erika shot up in bed, panting for no reason she could comprehend. What a strange dream. She had been told that she had been found on the side of a road, but she had been too young to remember it. Had she somehow just witnessed her own rescue?

The mare shook her head. That was absurd. She considered, however, what she would have done in that situation. Would she have saved the filly?

"Of course not," she told herself. It would be stupid. There would be no guilt in leaving the filly behind to starve.

Erika fell back against her pillows and was out like a light, yet again.

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Erika Darknight
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