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 Dark the Pegasus~

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Dark The Pegasus

Dark The Pegasus

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PostSubject: Dark the Pegasus~   Dark the Pegasus~ EmptyWed Jul 24, 2013 5:05 am


Dark the Pegasus~ S3ouq8



Mane:Slightly Shaggy purple with a green strike.

Tail:same as Mane.

Eyes:a Beautiful golden.

Body:Completely Black.

Cutie Mark: a thundercloud with 3 lightning bolts coming out of it. the middle lightning bolt is the biggest, it is fully red. the other two are smaller, and they are normal yellow-wait, just check the picture. =P

Age: mare. (18)

Personality: A mostly happy Pegasi who Loves making new friends. She is very kind and sweet. She Would love to sit and have a chat. but if anyone trys to hurt her or her friends, she will show you the dark side.

Likes: Snow, Thunder, Hail, Fizzy drinks, Friends, The moon

Dislikes: Heat, the sun, Enemies.

History:Dark Was Born up in cloudsdale. She Was an only child. She had a wonderful mum and dad. But they passed away when she was 8. (or at least, she thinks. she doesnt really know....they just never came home..) from there on she learned to live on her own. She Got a job as a 15 year old. It was to generate thunderclouds and make it rain. or thunder. growing to 17, she had a lot of friends and she still had her mothers old house, remodeled. it now looked perfect. one day, she met a nice mare called sky. (to see more about sky look for sky's application.) Now as an 18 year old, she has the ability to fly Down to ponyville for a visit. Her wings were quite strong for her age.

Example RP segment: Dark strolled through the everfree forest. the wind made the trees sway, almost as if they were dancing. Dark walked further and further in. it got extremely dark. it seemed suddenly the world went black. dark froze in place. where was she now? what if something was about to attack her? why was she even here in the first place? dark sighed and took a step foreward. so far so good. dark kept walking, praying nothing bad was to happen.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark the Pegasus~   Dark the Pegasus~ EmptyWed Jul 24, 2013 5:12 am

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Dark the Pegasus~
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