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 Flower Petal

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Friend Marine

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PostSubject: Flower Petal   Flower Petal EmptyWed Jul 24, 2013 3:55 am

Flower petal

Flower Petal Friend-s-crystal-pony-380707750?ga_submit_new=10%253A1372206059

(DA was messing up so the cutie mark got left out)



Mane: Long And aqua-blue

Tail:Long and aqua-blue

Eyes: Aqua-blue


Cutie Mark:Red  Rose with a long stem that swirls around the petals

Age (Baby,adult):Adult. 21

Personality: She loves the water and beach. she goes for walks. Takes care of her garden. She takes good care of her looks. She loves to go on dates. She can defend herself when she needs to. Is loving and caring. She is a tiny bit athletic. she goes on dates often trying to find the right stallion. Works hard on making a flower shop.

Likes:Flowers, small groups, Friends, stallions who are brave enough to ask her out, dates, going out for dinner or a movie.

Dislikes: Big groups, bad dates, a DEAD FLOWER, physical contact before second date, Drinking around her (She doesn't care if you get drunk just not around her), Bully's.

History: She was of course born in the crystal empire and as a filly she was raised around ponies who would annoy ponies just for fun. She would always have her personal garden in her room knowing that the others would pick on her. One day she was watering her plants when she noticed that one of her roses was dying from lack of sun light. There was only one spot good for sunlight but it was in plain sight of the others. But for the sake of the rose she put it there anyways. For days the colts and filly's would pick on her calling her rose huger and stuff like that but she would just ignore them. During that whole time she was being picked on is when she got her cutie mark. At the age of 19 she moved to Canterlot and has lived there for 2 years now, working on getting permits and buying a building for her shop and flowers. She is currently hoping to open a flower shop.

Example RP segment: (#2) After hearing the admirer confess his love to her Flower looks at him and says "Well instead of saying i love you how about asking me out." As she turns and walks away waiting to see if he asks her. She stopped and waited to see what would happen. When she didn't hear him ask she started walking again. "If they don't ask why bother" She thought to her self leaving the tavern. "Sooner or later I'll find another pony brave enough to ask me out." She thought closing the door behind her.

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Princess Sarah
Princess Sarah

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PostSubject: Re: Flower Petal   Flower Petal EmptyWed Jul 24, 2013 4:04 am


Silly link issues =3

d~Princess Freya Glittery Fasionista Baticorn Sarah~b

Click the names to view their apps.

=Sugar Rush=
=Cherry Sunshine=
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Flower Petal
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