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 Here is Comical

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PostSubject: Here is Comical   Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:13 am


Species:Earth Pony
Mane:Dark/Light brown
Tail:Dark/Light brown
Eyes: blue green
Body:dark, foggy yellow
Cutie Mark: Pencil and a joke book
Age (Baby,adult): young adult

Personality:He is the kind of pony who tries to make jokes out of everything. he knows when not to, but the idea of being serious scares him. Comical will sometimes try and fit a pun into many situations, funny or not. Many times he will get boo'd, but he does not take it too seriously, being a kind and good hearted pony, he can stick up for others. When things are too bad, he will back down. he is also loyal and generous, but not as much as you would expect in the average goody two shoes pony.

Likes: He likes laughing, telling jokes as well as hearing them, games, and challenges. what he likes the most is the happiness and laughter of others. other comics are also appealing to him. Everything else is neutral to him.

Dislikes: he dislikes when others laugh at him, and when situations are too serious. Also, he dislikes many mainstream things, whatever they might be.

Special Talent: Being funny

History:Comical had an childhood that, was not so good. many things were taken away from him, because his parents lacked sympathy towards him. he was an intelligent individual, taking classes tougher than his own. though, he reached many hardships, and the smallest slip would mean jail. not literally though. he would be stripped of everything from his parents. he lost much emotion, except for his humor. that was one thing that stuck with him during his life. he ended up fleeing his family, thinking it was not healthy to be confined all the time. On the road he tried to make a living off of comics and other cartoons. sometimes even stand up comedy, it helped him get through rough times. He still wanders the roads, but not too much, finding a temporary place to stay here and there.

RP segment-1.
Having woken up from an afternoon nap, Comical heads out of his temporary apartment to explore. While stepping out he hears sobbing. "hello? who is there?"
Comical looks around, to find a goal sobbing on the street. "Hey, whats going on?"
He addresses the young foal. "i have lost my mom, please help m-me find her!" she falls and continues crying. "come on, don't feel down, she is probably looking for you also. Don't you know to stay still whenever your lost?" "m hmm..." Comically looks at her, forcing a smile. "well how about we stop that crying and get off this street huh? before we both become roadkill." Comical holds out his hoof, for the foal to grab on to. "lets get inside." She grabs on, then gets shocked and quickly releases."OH FISH! sorry little filly, i forgot i had that joy buzzer on!" The young foal starts to cry some more and she runs away. "Hey um i never got your name!" he shouts out. "your coming back right?" he did not get a response from the sprinting filly. "well, that stinks..." Comical throws his joy buzzer onto the road and walks back inside.


You can't abscond Bro!

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PostSubject: Re: Here is Comical   Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:16 am

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Here is Comical
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