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 Belle, my fifth oc

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Belle, my fifth oc Empty
PostSubject: Belle, my fifth oc   Belle, my fifth oc EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 6:30 pm


Belle, my fifth oc Belle12

Gender: Mare

Race: Unicorn

Mane: Raven black, extremely long, down to her hooves

Tail: Raven black, so long that it trails behind her

Eyes: Sapphire blue with long eyelashes and light blue eye shadow/ting

Body: Tall and slender, a model’s build, pure white

Cutie Mark: A light blue quill with green vine wrapped around it

Age: Young adult (19)

Personality: Very kind and gentle, understanding. Beautiful on the inside as well as the outside

Likes: Writing, nature, nice ponies, stallions, fairness, luck, sweets

Dislikes: Mean ponies (they bring out her bad side), cameras, lots of buildings, bullies, bad luck

History: Belle was raised in Manehatten, her birthplace is unknown. Her parents adopted her from an orphanage, but they loved and cared for her as though she was their own, and in a way, she was.

When she was in school, the other fillies bullied her, including her used-to-be best friend who turned on her when they were 10. She dealt with the hurt by writing, thus earning her cutie mark. Fortunately, Belle made it through the bullying without serious damage.

Once she finished school, she moved on to college and then traveling. Her beauty grew and she is now a very stunning and beautiful mare, (she even does modeling sometimes) You can bet her old school bullies regret their actions! Although she’s not one to rub it in, she is still waiting for them to get what is coming to them.

Belle travels all around Equestria, she has been to almost all of the cities available, and documenting everything that happens to her. A lot of her fiction stories stem from her adventures.

Even though she is beyond beautiful, she doesn’t misuse her beauty or flaunt it in other pony’s faces. She is very kind to everypony, but prefers not to speak to mean ponies. She will always stand up for other ponies. Her experience with bullies taught her a lot, and that it doesn’t take much to make a pony sad enough to do something terrible.

Example RP Segment:(until I come up with some good ones you can create your own scenario to show off your RP skills. THIS IS REQUIRED.)

Belle trotted through Manehatten happily, her sapphire eyes sparkling in the sunlight. Stallions (and even a few mares) turned their heads as she strolled past, gazing at her beauty. Belle heard a pony laughing and shook it off until she heard a filly crying. Her smile turned into a frown and she walked quickly towards the sound. As she approached, the colt turned and glared at her “What’re you looking at?” he snorted rudely.

“I’m looking at a selfish pony tearing a filly down to build himself up because he doesn’t have enough confidence.” she snapped quickly.

“Excuse me?” he asked shocked, “I am not building myself up, I have plenty of confidence!” he shouted proudly, but with a hint of concern. Belle could see the terror in his eyes as she called him out.

“Come here little filly.” she said sweetly to the sniffling foal behind the bully. The filly limped over to her, still sniffing.

“I think you should leave.” declared the bully.

“No,” replied Belle, “you need to leave.” she snarled. The bully looked surprised that Belle took that tone. She wrapped her hoof around the filly and walked away with her.

“Sh, sh. It’s gonna be ok.” she comforted the foal, handing her a tissue. The filly blew her nose and blinked away the rest of the tears.

“Th-thanks.” she managed to say through her sobs. Belle grinned and kneeled to look her in the eye. The filly suddenly hugged Belle. Belle hugged her back and said

"Don’t worry, it’ll get better. If they bother you again, come and find me. I’ll take care of it.” The filly nodded, hugged her again, and cantered away.

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Belle, my fifth oc Empty
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Belle, my fifth oc
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