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 May Darknight

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PostSubject: May Darknight   Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:18 pm

May Darknight

Gender: Mare

Race: Earth pony

Mane: black (with a blue-ish tint), usually messy, sometimes in a ponytail, shiny

Tail: Same as mane

Eyes: A dark blood red

Body: Tall, lean, extremely pale (yet sort of dark) blue

Cutie Mark: Silver crescent moon

Age: Adult (21)

Personality: bored (or acts bored) all the time, sarcastic, witty, emotionless, can come off as rude, rarely comes out during the day, and is highly unnoticeable. She keeps to herself and doesn't interfere with other pony's business. She rarely engages in conversation, and prefers to not speak at all.

Likes: Small weapons, knives, shurikens, etc, solitude, the night, adventuring at night

Dislikes: Crowds, other ponies in general, daytime, sunshine, windows

History: May was born and raised in Seoul Colterea, with strict, high-class parents (both earth ponies) and as an only child. She was given whatever she wanted, as long as she behaved. She wasn't allowed to speak unless spoken to, and was expected to behave perfectly. When she was born, her parents gave her a silver chain necklace with a small circular pendant that has the family name written on it in neat calligraphy.

Growing fed up with this, she ran away to Equestria when she was 16 and never returned. She took the pendant with her, and keeps it in a drawer in her house. She never wears it though.

She traveled throughout Equestria, living outside and without housing. When she turned 18, she was finally able to purchase a house in Ponyville. Granted, it was small, but it was home to her.

On her travels, she had picked up pick-pocketing. One time, she found a sharp dagger in somepony’s pocket. She began toying around with it, self-teaching herself to become an expert markspony. She now carries her weapons-which include shurikens, daggers, hand arrows, and more- with her at all times, hidden beneath the cloak (or robe) she never takes off. The weapons are attached to her hooves and the inside of her cloak for easy access.

She rarely goes out in the daytime, preferring to stay in her windowless room during Celestia’s reign of-as May sees it- evil. When the night comes out, so does she. Her favorite nights are the ones with no moon, or merely a sliver of moon. This is why her cutie mark is a crescent moon.

Note: she also knows the biology of the body, and has memorized key pressure points. A few that cut off the flow of magic to a unicorns horn for a short amount of time, and many that will temporarily paralyze a pony's limbs and/or wings. She is very skilled in this art-as well as marksponyship.

Example RP Segment:(until I come up with some good ones you can create your own scenario to show off your RP skills. THIS IS REQUIRED.)

May yawned as she walked down the street, glaring up at the blazing sun. Why am I out here in the light? She asked herself, checking to see if her weapons were still concealed. She glanced around the town as she heard a sobbing sound. She twirled around, looking for the source, ready to use her knife at a moment’s notice.

As she spun, she saw a filly crying. Shaking it off, she withdrew her hoof from her cloak and continued walking, wishing the foal would quit being obnoxious. Annoying little ankle-biter she grumbled to herself.

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PostSubject: Re: May Darknight   Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:19 pm


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May Darknight
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