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 Saphira Katianna

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PostSubject: Saphira Katianna    Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:13 pm

Saphira "Kat" Katianna

Gender: Mare

Race: Earth pony

Mane: Messy, fairly long, bright blue with red streaks, and usually kept under a piece of black cloth and/or straw hat.

Tail: Messy, fairly long, and red with blue streaks, sometimes up in a pony tail

Eyes: Blue, and sparkly, exactly like the sapphires for which she was named

Body: Light tan, almost orange but not quite, tall but strong. Longer limbs than average for a pony

Cutie Mark: skull and cross bones with sapphires in the eye sockets

Age: Young adult (18)

Personality: Happy all the time, basically always smiling. She is nice, and rather over-confident. Kat has a tendency to be meddlesome, and will fight for what she believes in-and her friends. She has a bright, shining smile. She is rarely ever serious, but when she is, you know something is seriously serious. She doesn’t like to lie, and almost always tells the truth. She will get serious when her friends are in danger or emotionally hurt.

Likes: The ocean, fish, smiling, laughing, sailing, ships, treasure, adventure, her pirate flag (which is her cutie mark but on a black flag) and anypony willing to join her

Dislikes: Evil ponies/things, scaredy-cats, empty treasure chests, lies, and when she is disregarded.

History: Saphira was born and raised in Ponyville, but she longed for the sea. When Kat was 14 years old, she left home with nothing but a pack on her back, and, of course, a chorus of goodbyes. She roamed throughout Equestria in search of the ocean. She does like to come back and visit her family, and adventure about Canterlot.

When she was 16, she found a town in the middle of nowhere. There, she found her first weapon, a katana. She trained and trained with it ‘till she was an expert, and she earned herself another one. She learned many techniques with the two katanas, mastering the art with ease. She travels around alone, and will sometimes find a companion, but they leave pretty quickly. She is cocky, and will take on really any fight without fear, and very, extremely rarely, looses.

She still has no house, but doesn't care, preferring to sleep outside under the stars.

Example RP Segment:(until I come up with some good ones you can create your own scenario to show off your RP skills. THIS IS REQUIRED.)

Kat lazily leaned against a tree, chewing some gum, when a rather handsome stallion strolled up to her.
“Hey there,” he said with an arrogant smile. Kat smirked and looked up from under her hat.
“Can I help you?” she asked with an innocent smile. The stallion seemed to melt, his eyes turning soft and his mouth unable to form words.
“W-wow. Y-you a-are beautiful!” he stammered.
“Well, thanks! It’s true.” She said, flipping her mane. The stallion was awestruck, and tried to speak again.
“I, I’m in love!” he shouted. Kat simply laughed.

“I don’t blame you.” She snickered, pushing away from the tree. She walked away, leaving her tail swishing.

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PostSubject: Re: Saphira Katianna    Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:15 pm


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Saphira Katianna
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