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 Stormy Ruin

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PostSubject: Stormy Ruin   Stormy Ruin EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 2:14 pm

Stormy Ruin

Stormy Ruin Stormy11

[I changed the cutie mark and the name]

Gender: Mare

Race: Pegasus

Mane: White, wild, messy

Tail: Same as mane

Eyes: Lightning yellow

Body: A light turquoise-ish color (refer to picture). She has dark grey zebra-like markings. There are two triangular markings on her ears, two triangular markings on her chest and back. She also has two stripes on both her front legs, and two triangular markings as well. There is one stripe on each back leg and two triangular stripes.

Cutie Mark: A journal being struck by bright blue lightning

Age: Young adult (19)

Personality: Stormy is rather laid-back, but when it comes to knowledge or anything about history, she will become serious. If some knowledge is lost or destroyed, she becomes furious. She will fight for the history and hates when anything is gone. She also hates when ponies are mean to others. She will stand up for her friends (if she had any) and she will protect those who are weaker. She's anti-social. She will not willingly go to a party or something big unless she needs to hide.

Likes: Ancient ruins, ancient civilizations, old languages, deciphering writing, reading, writing about her findings, lightning, storms, flying, searching, books, knowledge, libraries

Dislikes: Loss of knowledge, destruction of ancient artifacts, rude ponies, ponies who have no disregard for knowledge or history whatsoever.

History: Stormy was abandoned as a child, and left on the streets of Canterlot. She was taken to an orphanage, but was never adopted. While she stayed at the orphanage, she read as many books as she could get her hooves on. She would sneak out at night to the library, and take books about ancient civilizations and writing. She memorized all the books that she could, and learned to read and speak ancient languages.
Once she got older, she left the orphanage at the age of 16. She wandered around Equestria, trying to learn as much history as she could. She scavenged through ruins, finding ancient knowledge and history that wasn’t written in books. She grew into a fast flier and smart archaeologist.

She still searches the world for anything about history, and normally goes alone. She doesn't have any friends, but she doesn't really mind. Most ponies tend to stay away from her because of how much she looks like a zebra. She doesn't live at the orphanage, but has a small house down in Ponyville.

She got her cutie mark when she was 8 years old. She had read a certain book, (it was about archaeology and ancient civilizations). As she read, she wrote the interesting points in a small brown journal. She finished the book within two days (it was rather long), and along with it her journal. It was completed during a thunderstorm, and blue lightning struck the land near the orphanage. Stormy was able to see it out of her window. Fascinated, she snuck out. Thunder boomed in her ears, but she didn't care. Subconsciously, she brought her journal with her. She sat down (on impulse) under a tree, and began to write. Suddenly, lightning flashed and thunder crashed. The bright blue lightning struck the ground in front of her, but she didn't cry. When she returned to the orphanage, she had her cutie mark.

Example RP Segment:(until I come up with some good ones you can create your own scenario to show off your RP skills. THIS IS REQUIRED.)
Stormy looked up from her book as a stallion stood uncomfortably close to her. She recognized him, she had gone excavating with him once. It was Shade Peker. Stormy returned her attention to the lightly browned pages of her book.

“Stormy, can I talk to you?” the dark stallion asked, his jade eyes staring at Stormy.
The mare said nothing, simply closing her book and looking at him.

“Would you like to go out some time?” he asked confidently, a wide grin on his face. Stormy sighed, letting out a little laugh.

“I’m sorry Shade. But no, I would prefer not to.” She replied calmly, raising her book again. The stallion’s face fell, and he turned to leave.

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PostSubject: Re: Stormy Ruin   Stormy Ruin EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 2:15 pm


- my seal of approval

You can't abscond Bro!
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Stormy Ruin
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