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 The forum is going to change a bit!

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Princess Sarah
Princess Sarah

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The forum is going to change a bit! Empty
PostSubject: The forum is going to change a bit!   The forum is going to change a bit! EmptyTue Oct 08, 2013 7:54 am

The forum is going to be more of an AU rather than true to the show which means it will be much more based on fics, spin offs, and so on and so forth. It's what it was originally supposed to be and now it's time to make the change!. So things that will be available for RP use is stuff like computers and video games, Fluffy Ponies (the fluffle kind), Sea Ponies, Fairy Ponies, more electronics, more magic, fan regions, no special requirements for Zebras, dragon and changeling OC's will be allowed though only with ADMIN approval as it will follow a more fanfic kinda deal, with founder permission a custom species can be made (Don't count on it though), the OC's are still not allowed to have seen, met, be related, or even influenced any of the cannon characters (The exception being Celestia, Cadance and Luna as they are kinda important for royal guard characters) Obviously they can be a fan of characters like Vinyl, Celestia ect, as they are well known, but as long as the things are not broken, it's fine to have that connection with them.

For great cannon RP go to this site! http://mlp-fim-oc-rp.forumotion.net/

It's much more fun if you prefer a more true to the show RP (like me), and is considered the sister site of this one.

The change will happen very soon, so expect the place to look very different. Huggles and rainbow ponies! ^o^

(Don't worry, it's not easy to get a fan species approved)

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The forum is going to change a bit!
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