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 Amina Abbasi

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Calla Lily

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PostSubject: Amina Abbasi   Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:17 pm


Gender: Mare

Species: Saddle Arabian

Mane: Dull Pink-Violet, Long, Slightly Wavy, Green-blue tips

Tail: same as mane

Eyes: Light Rose

Body: Pale Rose, Tall, Slender, Horse-Like

Cutie Mark: None

Special Talent: Politics

Age (Baby,adult): Adult

Personality:Named after her faithfulness, Amina is fiercely loyal to her country and her friends. She loves meeting and making new friends. Although she does have a language barrier, she will try as hard as possible to make new acquaintances.

Likes: Cool Air, Fresh Water, Friends, Traveling, Loyalty, Saddle Arabia
Dislikes: Snooty Ponies, Mean Ponies, Betrayal

History: Amina was born in the distant country of Saddle Arabia to a very poor family. She was taught to read and write as a filly by her mother, Imsa. Amina advanced through the classes at her rundown, secret school(as education was not permitted for mares at the time), surpassing her peers until she was smarter than even the teachers. After she graduated, still a filly, Amina became interested in politics. She raised money by teaching classes herself until she could afford a trip to neighboring Zebrica. When she did go, she met the Zebras and got to visit a political debate in the Capitol. When she returned, Amina realized her love for traveling and politics (if she had been an Equestrian, this would have been when she got her cutie mark).

Amina was summoned to Manecca, where the royal palace is. Princess Amira had heard of her determination, hard work, and love of politics, from a missionary, and had chosen Amina as the next delegate to allied country Equestria, after the raving tales of the previous visitors.
Amina was ecstatic.

She was immediately admitted into the royal court, and she was on a boat to Equestria the next day. When she docked, a carriage flew her to Canterlot, where she was welcomed warmly by the royals of Equestria. She will be in Equestria for a year, studying the ponies and gaining new friends, while also dealing with government matters when called upon.

She dislikes ponies who make fun of her accent, her clothing, and her anatomy, as she more closely resembles what we know as a horse than the Equestrians. She loathes ponies who speak poorly of Saddle Arabia, and despises the high-society Canterlot ponies who are snooty about their wealth, as Amina grew up very, very poor.

Example RP segment:
4. Your OC is framed by a robber who plants his weapon on him/her. A Guardpony threatens to take your OC into custody. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Amina trotted down the cool streets of Canterlot, on her way to have dinner. With every step, her ornaments jingled, a sign of high rank in Saddle Arabia. Unfortunately, in Equestria, it attracted many disapproving stares from racist ponies who either didn't know of her connections with the Princesses who had graciously offered her a place in Canterlot, or they simply did not care.

Feeling uncomfortable eyes on her back, she ignored them and flipped her mane out of her eyes. Suddenly, a silver shape blurred past her head, and Amina jumped in fright, stumbling back into a group of guardponies.

"Excuse me, ma'am?" asked one of the white stallions harshly. He said something else, but, with Amina's second language being Equestrian, she did not understand what he was saying. One of them held up a knife, and Amina wildly shook her head back and forth.

"I do not understand," she said desperately, pointing to herself with a hoof. "I come of Saddle Arabia!"

Another pony laughed and pocketed the weapon.

"He's asking if it was yours," he said in Arabian.

Amina sighed in relief.

"No, not of mine," she said. In Arabian, she continued, "Somepony threw it at me, and it scared me. That's why I jumped into you."

The third stallion, the one who spoke Arabian, shook his head in anger. He snarled something at his companions, and they left to search for the culprit.

"I'm really sorry, ma'am," he said to her. "Ponies have no right to treat you, in any way, any differently than any Equestrian. If anyone bothers you again, I'm Guard Pony Swordheart at the Palace. Send me a note."

Amina nodded her thanks to the kind stallion and galloped away, glad to be out of trouble.


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PostSubject: Re: Amina Abbasi   Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:25 pm

Well awesome


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Amina Abbasi
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