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 Dim"Simple" Wish

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Sweet Dreams

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Dim"Simple" Wish Empty
PostSubject: Dim"Simple" Wish   Dim"Simple" Wish EmptyTue Sep 10, 2013 3:01 pm

Dim”Simple” Wish

Dim"Simple" Wish Blind_10

Race:Crystal Pony

Home:Ponyville(Owner of Simple Fragrance Spa and Oils)

Mane: A Bright Cotton Candy Blue that is full and bouncy curls slightly at the tips. It always has a different colored bow in it every day.
Tail:A bright Cotton Candy Blue that is bouncy and curls slightly at the tip.

Eyes:A blueish white from her being blind looks like diamonds when they shine.

Body:A bright lime green tall and skinny with her hoofs being a whitish green Her ears a more pointed then most ponies allowing her better hearing and because of her sensitive touch  she can sense vibrations in the ground allowing her to sense a pony somewhat.

Cutie Mark: Dim"Simple" Wish Dimwis10


Personality:Even though Wish is a kind, and caring pony who would go out of her way to help even her enemies (if she had any) She has very low self-esteem about her blindness and failed relationships. She often feels she is a burden to everyone. Because of this thinking she doesn’t shine as bright as other crystal ponies. She also has a hard time attaching to other ponies from her fear of being a burden to them and will often avoid from reach out to them, choosing to keep her feelings locked inside her heart.

Likes: Singing when she’s alone, Long walks under the stars, Helping ponies relax, Brunt Marshmallows.

Dislikes:Not being to help a pony ,Loud Noises, Ponies babying her because of her blindness, Swimming

Special Talent:Masseuse and making scented Oils

History:For the first 3 years of her life Dim Wish’s life was normal…Well as normal as enslavement to a power hungry king of shadows can get. Then one day her eyes started to hurt and soon she had a hard time seeing. So her parents took her to an eye doctor who told them Dim Wish had a rare eye disease that was destroying her eye sight slowly. But her parents would not accept this they dragged her from doctors to faith heals and everything in between.

This started Dim Wishes self-esteem problem that slowly became worst and worst as her parents babied her on everything from playing outside to walking across the street. Wish got her Cutie Mark in her late teens when after long day at work she offers to give her (now Ex) Coltfriend a massage to help with his shoulder pain.

After finishing her Coltfriend said he never felt that good in his life causing Wish to shine for the first time in a long time along with gaining her cutie mark. After the return of the Crystal Empire, she decides that she will leave her past behind and start a new life somewhere new. And so starts her adventures in Ponyville!

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Princess Sarah
Princess Sarah

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Dim"Simple" Wish Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dim"Simple" Wish   Dim"Simple" Wish EmptyTue Sep 10, 2013 3:11 pm


I spot a few odd sentences but nothing that is bad. I only really wish I knew why she did not like swimming, but aside from that, it's a fine OC and I can't wait to see what you are going to do with this one.

Welcome to the forum old friend. ^-^

d~Princess Freya Glittery Fasionista Baticorn Sarah~b

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Dim"Simple" Wish
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