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 Character Sheet/ Skills and Traits

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Character Sheet/ Skills and Traits Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet/ Skills and Traits   Character Sheet/ Skills and Traits EmptyFri Aug 23, 2013 8:07 am

And here it is, the Fallout Equestria Character Sheet!.

We will make a downloadable text file with all of the rules and gameplay mechanics later, but as of now we wanted the members to be able to create their characters. Expect heavy changes (don't worry, we have a changelog).

But before you start there is a few things you should know.

-HP: HP or "Hit Points", is how much punishment your OC can take. If it drops to, or below zero, you are DEAD. It everypony except special cases has a basis of 30 HP. The maximum can be increased by 5 for each point your OC has in Endurance. Remember to keep track on your character sheet how much HP you have left.

-XP: XP or "Experience Points", is how your OC improves their skill during their adventure. Every time you reach a 100 XP, you "Level up" and get to increase your skill points by spending 20 points with a few extra points equal to your Intelligence bonus. Every two levels you get to pick a trait.

-Groups: Groups are actually more of a cosmetic feature than anything. They are just a fancy way of naming your "Team" in a way, but the practical feature of it is that it can help keep track of who is in what RP. The group means that these OC's stick together most of the time, and rarely get solo runs or go too far from their group.

-Strength: Physical strength and how much your OC can carry, as well as how much damage your OC does in melee.
-Perception: Is your general senses. It’s also the way we determine how good your OC’s performance is at shooting, scouting, detecting enemies or allies.
-Endurance: Is your physical health and it generally affects how much pain your OC can take before crying on the ground like a overdramatic filly.
-Charisma: No description yet
-Intelligence: No description yet
-Agility: No description yet
-Luck: Effects all of your skills, and your chances of finding more caps, ammo or rare loot, as well as your chances in most card games and other encounters of chance.

-In total for this system, you will start out with a total of 40 points. There is a minimum of 1 point in each stat with a maximum of 10. 5 points will be considered “Average”

Your basic skill points are 20, but you can choose up to three tags to increase that. You can only have one tag in a skill. (See Tag!, for more info)

Races: There will be 5 Major Races in this RP with several minor and sub races as well. The Major races are Pegasi, Unicorns, Earth Ponies, Zebras, and Griffins. The Creators feel that Zebras and Griffins are races not for the faint of heart and will be harder to use and understand in this world, but if you are up to it, Go ahead. Minor Races includes: Bat Ponies, Buffalos, Dragons and Crystal Ponies. Sub Races include: Ghouls, Cybernetic/Robotic, Mutant. NOTE: We will make a list of what these different species have of bonuses and traits in the future.

Traits: As of now, we are still working on a list of common traits. But for now, you will have to come up with your own, or use one from the normal games, or the story we all know and love.

___Character Template_________________________________________________________

[b]Species:[/b] (Remember to add a subspecies if you have one)
[b]Group:[/b] (Don't need to add any text here unless you are part of one)
[b]Link to app:[/b] (Only use this if you are transferring a existing OC)

[b]Traits:[/b] (Still being worked on, but available)
[b]Inventory:[/b] (Add your starting items here. (Edit this when you acquire new items, or spend them)
[b]Weapons:[/b] (Copy paste your weapons here. KEEP TRACK OF AMMO!)
[b]AU Backstory:[/b] (What is your OC’s backstory in this AU?)

[b]___Skill points_________________________________________________________________[/b]

[b]Energy Weapons:[/b]
[b]Small Guns:[/b]
[b]Big Guns:[/b]
[b]Melee Weapons:[/b]
[b]Magic:[/b] (remove from sheet if you are not the appropriate species)
[b]Flying:[/b] (remove from sheet if you are not the appropriate species)

"Sentence that tells us you read the FE rules"
You are allowed to tag three skills which will increase them by 20 points. Because of the somewhat serious nature of this RP, we have decided that we need to approve the tags because for example. A person from a stable would have next to no idea what to do in a survival situation or what is of value in the wasteland. If you give us a good reason for why your OC has the bonus, we can allow it.

Barter (Charisma)
Barter skill will effect how good you are at judging the value of an item, as well as knowing what it’s worth in caps.

Energy Weapons (Perception)
The energy weapons skill is how good you are at using weapons that use lasers or plasma as their ammunition.

Explosives (Perception)
The explosives skill effects how effectively you can use any explosive weapon like mines, missile launchers, grenades etc. It’s also what helps you disarm an explosive, should the situation call for it.

Small Guns (Agility)
This skill is how good your OC’s skill is at using smaller guns from pistols to combat rifles.

Big Guns (Agility)
The big guns skill determines how effective you are at using miniguns, flamethrowers, gatling lasers, basically anything that is considered a heavy weapon.

Lockpick (Perception)
This Skill shows how effectively you will be able to open locked doors and containers.

Medicine (Intelligence)
The medicine skill is how good you are at treating wounds and illnesses, as well as being able to spot symptoms on a person if they are sick.

Melee Weapons (Strength)
This skill is how good you are with any melee weapon.

Repair (Intelligence)
The repair skill allow you to repair,  maintain and even make your weapons or apparel prettier. It’s also used for crafting new items.

Science (Intelligence)
Science is your skill at hacking into mechanical devices and chemistry, and doing advanced calculations.

Sneak (Agility)
The sneaking skill makes it easier to sneak and do stuff without making a much as a peep. You can steal, pick pocket and take out enemies undetected.

Speech (Charisma)
The speech skill is how good you are with your words in a conversation, whether it be used to trick somepony, or convince them to believe what you are trustworthy.

Survival (Endurance)
Survival effects your ability to create campfires, judge wind, cooking, setting up shelter, and pretty much anything that can help you survive.

Unarmed (Strength/Endurance)
Determines your effectiveness in hoof to hoof combat and with weapons like Spiked Horseshoes, Power Hoofs, and Displacer Gloves that can be used in hoof to hoof combat.

Magic (Intelligence UNICORN ONLY)
Magic is how good your OC is at the arcane arts, even characters with 20 points in this can levitate objects, but for the higher level magics, your OC needs to step it up a notch.

Flying (Agility PEGASI ONLY)
The flying skill is how good you are a flying,  your mid air weapon accuracy and dodging skills.



Princess Sarah, Emeraldain, Frost, Freezer.

d~Princess Freya Glittery Fasionista Baticorn Sarah~b

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Character Sheet/ Skills and Traits
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