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 Cloud Dancer

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Calla Lily
Calla Lily

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PostSubject: Cloud Dancer   Cloud Dancer EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 1:14 pm

Cloud Dancer

Cloud Dancer Image13

(Picture Creds to 1nc. Absolutely beautiful!)

Gender: Mare

Species: Pegasus

Mane: Long, Silky, Slightly Wavy, Corn-Silk Colored

Tail: Same

Eyes: Lime Green

Body: Slender, Average Height. Model material

Cutie Mark: Pink Dancing Slippers

Special Talent: Ballet

Age (Baby,adult): Mare

Personality: Cloud is innocent. It's the best way to describe her disposition. She is loving and gentle, and a good mare. Violence is not a part of her soul. Ambition, however, is woven into her DNA.

Likes: Singing, love, music, happiness

Dislikes: Strife, losing family, war

History: At a young age, Cloud was abandoned by her mother, given to a storekeeper in Manehatten to raise and take care of until her mother could return for her filly. While in the care of the shop owners, Cloud's life was dull, simply sweep, sell, eat, sweep, sleep.

When she was older, certain her mother would never return, and dreamed of flying away to Cloudsdale, her castle on a cloud, she decided to act upon it. One night, she stole away from the house and took wing, landing in her dream town. There, she found her talent among the weather team: the way she made clouds disappear was so graceful, it was a ballet, and she received her cutie mark on the spot. Proud of her accomplishment, she added 'Dancer' to her name.

Cloud Dancer grew into a beautiful, kind mare. She lives in various places, having temporary residence in Cloudsdale, Canterlot, and Manehatten. She lives in Trottingham, a quiet, peaceful town that fits her gentle personality.

Her dream was to be the Prima Ballerina of The Canterlot Ballet Company. With hard work and a bit of luck, she was accepted into the Company, and eventually ascended the ladder of ballet. As the Prima, she is expected to shine in all shows, and that she shall.

Fame was something she didn't enjoy. She lives in multiple places to avoid the paparazzi and groupies of Canterlot, and Trottingham is her favorite.

Example RP segment: #3

The splashing of dark rain sounded loudly against the streets and rooftops. Caught in the rain, Cloud Dancer was moving quickly, galloping from under rooftops to avoid getting wet. In the distance, a light shone through the darkness, and Cloud Dancer followed it, finding herself in front of a tavern. She pushed the door open.

The bar was filled with strange ponies. Not being from Ponyville, Cloud Dancer knew none of them, but she entered anyways. She wasn't one for drinking, but the tavern was warm.

"Hey, sweet therng," slurred a stallion, bumping against her. She shied away and retreated to the counter. A mare was arguing intensely with the barkeeper, and all Cloud Dancer wanted to do was get out and return to the peaceful place she knew and loved. In Manehatten, she gave bits and food to the poor. In Trottingham, she chatted calmly with kind neighbors. In Cloudsdale, she soared in her castle, free at last.

Cloud Dancer wasn't liking Ponyville too much.


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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Dancer   Cloud Dancer EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 1:32 pm

Chill Job, You get an A+, or in this case, Approval.

You can't abscond Bro!
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Cloud Dancer
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