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 .:AU Equestria Rules:.

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.:AU Equestria Rules:. Empty
PostSubject: .:AU Equestria Rules:.   .:AU Equestria Rules:. EmptyTue Aug 06, 2013 7:20 am

Most of the other rules apply here, but the difference is that fan species and alicorn OC's are allowed here.
You can still use your normal OC's here and you can even change them to something else if you desire.

__Things you CAN'T do here____________________________________________________________________

1. You are still not allowed to have any relations to any of the characters from the show.
2. You are not allowed to bring things from other shows into this AU.
3. Even in this AU, your OC's are not allowed to be more powerful than for an example Celestia is.
4. You can't destroy places like Ponyville or other known places from the show.
__Things you CAN do here______________________________________________________________________

1. Have a race or species that is not mentioned in the show.
2. Be allowed to have powers that is beyond the norm.
3. Have an alicorn OC.
4. Just generally be more crazy with what you can do in a RP.
5. Have a human OC.
I will probably add more as time goes on, but it's good enough for now, don't ya agree? =3

If you have any questions or comments about the rules or the AU itself, post it here and I will take a look at what this magnificent pony that shares his or her thoughts with us has to say =D (Of course you can also PM me if you don't feel like sharing it! X3)

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.:AU Equestria Rules:.
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